Special needs cat with wheels

This man dedicates his life to saving the lives of cats with special needs

In a heartwarming video on YouTube,¬†Darryl Roberts, founder and executive director of SNAP Cats, shares his journey and mission to help save the lives of special needs cats. He eloquently describes the impact these animals have had on his life and the volunteer members of the team. Special indeed Roberts founded the SNAP Cats rescue … Read more

Cats on a dirty apartment staircase

32 neglected cats rescued from abandoned apartment in Bangkok

32 cats were rescued from one apartment in Bangkok, Thailand. They were brought to the Cat Kingdom of Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand, where they recovered and learned how to live their best lives. To the rescue In a terrible situation of neglect, an apartment owner moved out and left behind 32 cats without … Read more

serval cat hides inside gray cat condo

Wildlife sanctuary in Minnesota gives abandoned African Serval cat a new home

In January 2022, local residents discovered an African serval cat lingering around searching for food in the backyard of a home in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Serval cats are native to Africa. However, because local residents in the community found this exotic cat wandering in the cold Northeast, it suggested that someone kept this cat as a … Read more