This musician creates catchy songs using viral cat videos

The Kiffness is a musician from South Africa who creates remixes and collaborations with other musicians. He can make music with people and animals from all over the world even though they are far away, because he uses social media to connect and collaborate with them.

His followers love his creative and catchy songs, especially the ones where he collaborates with cats.

Of course, the cats didn’t plan to collaborate with him, but he loves to take viral cat videos and transform them into musical masterpieces, focusing on the strange sounds that our favorite felines make.

The first cat collaboration

The Kiffness’s first cat collaboration was in early 2021. The video that inspired him was one of a nervous cat making noises as someone tried to pet it. He added music to accompany the cat’s already amazing vocals, creating an irresistible song that is still one of his most popular today.

Other cat-inspired songs

Here are some other cat collaborations that he has done. In this video, he accompanies a cat who makes very similar noises to the one that inspired his first video. But in this version he follows the caption on the video, which says that the original poster felt like the cat was casting a spell on them.

In some viral cat videos, cats make noises that almost sound like they are talking. The Kiffness has remixed a few of these too. In this video, he interprets the cat’s noises as lyrics and makes a song out of them.

He has also created parodies of existing songs by remixing cat videos. One of his most recent ones is “Bath Cat,” a parody of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.” In his lyrics, he sings from the perspective of the cat, who doesn’t want to be taking a bath. His interpretation is hilarious and probably true, based on the cat’s reaction to getting wet.

The Kiffness has also made a remix collaboration with a cat that wasn’t talking, but playing the piano instead. He created a sad song about how the cat was actually Mozart trapped in a cat’s body, desperate to play piano, but not having the hands to do it.

The Kiffness’s videos are so much fun. He’s a master of finding music in viral cat videos and bringing them to life. As long as cat videos continue to go viral, we hope he keeps getting inspired by them and creating these amazing cat collaborations.

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