An adorable cat keeps company to his Alzheimer’s-afflicted owner

A kind cat named Mooshu cares deeply for his owner, a man suffering from Alzheimer’s. So Mooshu has made it his mission to spend a maximum of time at home with the ailing man.

Bob, a former vet, has a deep emotional connection to animals since they have always provided him joy. However, Bob’s life was forever altered in 2009 when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Fortunately, as the degenerative illness took its toll on the former vet, Bob’s cat Mooshu remained a constant in his life. The kind and affectionate cat enjoys being petted and stroked by humans.

In 2013, the cat became part of the family. As Bob kept asking for a cat, Patricia Wright, his wife, brought Mooshu and put him on Bob’s lap.

Bob had already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s; therefore, Mooshu quickly realized how crucial he was to the patient. He would remain by his owner’s side, even falling asleep each night, cuddled up next to the senior vet.

Norman, the second cat in the household, is beloved by the wife and husband, but Bob still feels a unique connection to Mooshu. The cute cat follows his owner like a tiny guardian as if he could read the vet’s mind.

Patricia believes the cat understands her husband’s needs better than anyone. In her interview with The Dodo, the woman said:

“When Bob gets his shower, Moosh is the one who is in there meowing and rubbing against him like he’s trying to make sure he’s OK.”

Alzheimer’s society, a nonprofit organization, shared Mooshu and Bob’s beautiful story on their official page

Mooshu gets an alternate

Bob enjoys being in his cat’s presence so much that he gets distraught when the pet leaves him to engage in typical feline pursuits. But, after all, a cat stays a cat.

Since Patricia saw her husband’s anxiety increase when Mooshu wasn’t around, she came up with a brilliant plan. Wright explained :

“I had to buy him a robot cat to keep him company when Moosh was doing cat stuff.”

While Bob loved having a substitute for Mooshu at times, Mooshu, the holder, didn’t share this enthusiasm. The puss first rejected the robot cat’s companionship but ultimately came around.

As a result, Bob could relax and enjoy the cat robot’s company whenever Mooshu went off to play. The situation was mutually beneficial for all.

Although Alzheimer’s disease is undoubtedly challenging to live with, Bob has the unwavering support of his loving family, including Mooshu and his other pets.

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