A pet monkey develops a close relationship with an orphaned stray kitten

A macaque known as Lilly helped save the life of a helpless kitten in Thailand. The monkey took the feline in, raising it as her own from the get-go.

Seven-year-old Lilly had been living with owner Ball Wuttichai in Surat Thani, Thailand, for over a year when she met a lone kitty.  Initially, a then 27 years old Ball discovered the monkey after wild animals had mauled her.

Touched by her situation, Wuttichai adopted Lilly and brought her home. He nursed her back to health.

 Ball went as far as building Lilly a dedicated structure in his garden so that the animal would continue to live in a natural setting while still being protected. He wanted her to keep thriving despite the dangers she had faced earlier.

On account of the care received, the monkey’s health improved. She became accustomed to her savior’s presence, forming a profound connection with the rescuer.

 However, months later, a new companion would surprisingly upstage ball in Lilly’s heart: a stray kitten.

A startling duo

One day, a white and red kitten emerged in Ball Wuttichai’s garden where Lilly was playing as usual. The lone puss seemed like an orphan who had been wandering around the neighborhood.

 The animal took a seat not too far from Lilly. The two of them just neutrally looked at each other, fascinated by the other’s presence. Ball said in the Dailymail:

“There was no aggression, they were not angry, but just sitting next to each other gazing at each other.”

Once the animals broke the ice, a beautiful relationship was born.

Kitten and monkey are now inseparable, yet Ball, their owner, was unable to explain how or why the monkey and the cat became partners so soon.

They spend the days together, either just sitting next to each other or with the moggy curled in the monkey’s paws. Moreover, the pets even sleep in the same bed in the tiny wooden cabin they share at night.

“They are best friends. They never fight. I’ve never seen anything like it before. A cat and a monkey, they are so close. “says Ball.

In Lilly, the orphaned cat seems to have found a mother, while Lilly discovered a child.

Ball recalls Lilly was injured when he found her and helped her to recover. He thinks the cat plays a significant role in the monkey’s recovery; hence, he does not mind letting these two buddies blossom together.

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