This person made a map of the cats they see on their daily walks

Cats are everywhere, and it’s so much fun to see the ones around your neighborhood and make friends with them. This person liked seeing their neighborhood cats so much that they made a map of all the cats they’ve come across.

Mapping cats

This person, known by the Reddit username u/oddballfactory, loves to go on daily walks around their neighborhood. As you might expect, there are plenty of cats along their route. As they went on their walks, they were able to spot patterns of which cats could be found in what areas. 

They had the brilliant idea to keep an official record of their findings, creating a map that marked where they usually see each cat. The markers show pictures they have taken of each cat, along with their names, if they happen to know them. If not, they leave it blank or use nicknames they came up with.

This person tries to learn the cats’ real names as often as they can. They said that they figure out names by checking to see if the cat has it on its collar.

They have also been able to talk to some of the cats’ owners and ask them what the name is and learn more information about the cat. Sounds like a good way to not only make cat friends, but also human friends!

A map showing where cats are in a neighborhood
This is like a treasure map, but with cats! Pic credit: u/oddballfactory/Reddit

One of the neighborhood cats

One of the many cats this person has met is named Steve. He is a beautiful, fluffy gray cat. Judging by the picture this person took of him, he also looks like a really chill dude.

When this person sees him, they feed him a little food, and we’re sure he appreciates it. That’s one great way to make a cat friend!

Fluffy gray neighborhood cat lies on a sidewalk
Steve is one of the many feline friends this person wants to remember. Pic credit: u/oddballfactory/Reddit

Counting cat sightings

The markers are also color-coded to show how “rare” the cat is, meaning how likely they are to find that cat in that spot, based on how many times they have been sighted so far.

This person further explained their color-coded rarity system:

“The range of sightings are roughly: Daily for common. Once a week for uncommon.

And then for rare and ultra rare they’re less about frequency and more about sighting number.

I’ve seen rare cats 2-3 times and have pet them. Ultra rare cats I’ve seen 1-2 times outside, with maybe a few sightings of them inside their house, and have never pet them.”

A brilliant idea

It’s a pretty good map, and it shows about a dozen cats. There are definitely plenty cats to keep this person’s walks interesting for a very long time! It makes us wonder how many cats are in our own neighborhood.

This person’s creative idea was brilliant. Because of their map, they can keep track of their new feline friends so much more easily. Maybe more people should try it out!

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