Cat and dog siblings fight over their favorite seat by the window every morning

Cat and dog siblings who get along with each other are so precious. We love to snap photos of them playing or curled up together. But just like siblings, they can also have their moments when they annoy each other. This is the case with cat and dog siblings Myoga and Sunny. Both Myoga the cat and Sunny the dog love to sit by their favorite window in their house, so every morning they fight over who gets the spot that day.

Window fight

Their owner caught the interaction on camera and posted it to Reddit. In the video, it looks like Myoga has already claimed the seat as his own. But that doesn’t stop Sunny from coming over to annoy him, pushing at him with her paw as if to say, “Hey, move over! It’s my turn!” Myoga seems really annoyed.

One commentor on the video interpreted the video in this way:

“‘It’s my turn!’ ‘No, it’s my turn!’ ‘I was here first!’ ‘No, I was!’ ‘I’m older!’ ‘So?!’”

Myoga and Sunny’s owner agreed. If her animals could talk, that’s exactly what they would be saying!

Nature lovers

Both Myoga and Sunny love the outdoors. They live with their owner in the Pacific Northwest, and they have a beautiful forest right in their backyard.

Sunny the dog loves to roll around in the dirt and grass and go on adventures with her owner in the forest. She even knows how to forage for berries.

Labradoodle dog sniffing at a bush
Sunny searches for berries with her super sniffer. Pic credit: u/dirt-flirt/Reddit

Myoga the cat is a little less inclined to get his paws dirty. When he goes outside, he sits down in the grass and poses for pictures, or he walks through the woods with his owner carrying him on her shoulders. He is also very interested in the wildlife, birdwatching and meowing at the squirrels he sees.

Fluffy orange and white cat sitting in grass
Myoga, meowdelling in the grass. Pic credit: u/dirt-flirt/Reddit

Since Myoga and Sunny both love the outdoors, it makes sense that they would both want the window seat when they’re indoors. They’re more than willing to fight dirty to get the best view.

Sibling love

Other than fighting over the window every morning, these cat and dog siblings can usually get along. When Myoga first joined the family and grew old enough to have his neuter surgery, his sister Sunny was very supportive. She gave him lots of cuddles while he was recovering. They clearly both knew that the best medicine was love.

Labradoodle dog and orange and white cat with a surgery cone cuddle together on a bed
Myoga and Sunny cuddle together as Myoga recovers from his surgery. Pic credit: u/dirt-flirt/Reddit

Although Myoga and Sunny fight over their favorite window, they’re just siblings. Siblings can annoy each other sometimes, but they still love each other very much.

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