Two pictures side by side: one a map marking where cats are in a neighborhood, the other a fluffy gray cat

This person made a map of the cats they see on their daily walks

Cats are everywhere, and it’s so much fun to see the ones around your neighborhood and make friends with them. This person liked seeing their neighborhood cats so much that they made a map of all the cats they’ve come across. Mapping cats This person, known by the Reddit username u/oddballfactory, loves to go on … Read more

Two images of a long-haired tabby cat, one with a pink flower in her mouth and one without.

Willow the cat brings her favorite neighbor beautiful pink flowers every day

Willow is a friendly feline who enjoys visiting her neighbors but one neighbor, in particular, has become Willow’s favorite and she showers them with affection every day by bringing them beautiful pink flowers from her garden. The lucky neighbor who has earned Willow’s adoration is named Rosie and she spoke to Love Meow about Willow’s … Read more