This delivery driver makes friends with the cats on his route

Jake Gracey is a delivery driver. His daily routes are nothing out of the ordinary, but he makes them exciting by making friends with the animals he meets along the way.

Jake mostly runs into dogs, but he has met many adorable kitties as well. He posts his interactions on TikTok so he can share all the cuteness with everyone.

Making friends on the route

As Jake goes up to each house that he delivers to, he keeps his eye out for friendly animals.

He comes across outdoor cats every once in a while. Whenever he sees one, he gets low and reaches out a hand for the cat to sniff if they’re curious. Once they give the go-ahead and show that they’re okay with him, he starts petting them.

It’s clear that the cats love the attention, and Jake loves to interact with every one of them.

Not all the cats he sees want to approach him, though. Sometimes they will stand away from him and not get any closer. Jake is great at reading their body language and deciding when to leave a cat alone. We appreciate his kindness and his respect for their boundaries.

Cats that shouldn’t be outdoors

Sometimes Jake meets cats that seem like they shouldn’t be outside. In one video, he met a sweet, cuddly cat that still looked young enough to be a kitten. When he first drove up, he saw it playing in the road and had to be careful.

He coaxed it back onto the porch of the nearest house, giving it lots of pets. It was so sweet and very cuddly, and Jake was upset that it had been outside where it wasn’t safe.


Finally a cute kitten! I did find his owners! 🙂 #cat #kitten #cats #catsoftiktok

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show


Jake has also met some indoor cats when he delivers to certain stores. He visits one cat often: Dottie, the store cat for a frequent customer on his route. Dottie can usually be found sitting in her basket on the store counter, waiting for head scratches from customers. The employees there even have some treats ready to give her.


Some cat action for your feed. cats catsoftiktok kitty cat kitten fatcat

♬ Forever – Labrinth

It’s very easy for Jake to make friends with the animals he meets, since he has four pets himself: two cats and two dogs. He loves his own animals, and he has such a fun time meeting new friends on his delivery route every day.

It almost makes us wish we were delivery drivers too. But we’ll just leave that to him and enjoy his sweet interactions with all those cute cats.

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