This quirky cat loves to shower with her mom

Meet Pym, nicknamed “the shower cat” by his mom Katie Behr. Pym is quite remarkable as the unspoken rule about cats not liking water does not apply to her.

This quirky gray feline actually looks forward to shower time.

As cat lovers, there are a few truths all feline owners know to be true, firstly: that cats help to make us better human beings.

How raising animals teaches us about sacrifice, patience, and love, that cats enjoy their treats and being spoiled and that cats are not fans of water.

Well, this is debatable, as this extraordinary story is the exception to the rule. 

Some may think her owner Katie coaxed her cat into liking running water and shower time but this is false.

Pym took the initiative all on her own. As a kitten, Pym randomly walked into the shower with her owner one day of her own free will.

It’s a habit that she’s upheld ever since she was a young feline, showers are her favorite way to enjoy running water.

Exploring alternatives

Seeing how her cat loves to shower, her mom Katie has explored other options. She’s explored outdoor showers and kiddie pools; however, Pym was not a fan.

This quirky feline knows what she likes. The standard standing shower suits her best.

Pym’s Shower Ritual

Pym’s shower time sometimes includes toy rubber duckies and she even has her own routine.

After she finishes her shower, she prefers to air dry best. In the past, Katie has tried using the blow-drier or the standard towel to dry Pym with no success.

So instead, Katie tried using a mini robe for Pym, which worked. She enjoys wearing it after showering.

Final Thoughts

This extraordinary cat loves to shower with her mom. Pym’s unusual shower routine shocked her owner, but she quickly learned to adapt.

Pym and her mom have shared many special moments and show no signs of stopping now, not even a strong stream of water can break their connection.

You can follow Katie, her shower cat Pym, and her shower shenanigans on TikTok or Instagram.

Can you relate?

Does your cat like bath time? Is your feline the exception to the rule?

Do you have an adventurous cat that enjoys the water? Leave a comment.

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