‘Chunky’ orange tabby Timmy is a chill little dude

Timmy’s owner Nilsu rescued him as a kitten when her dad found the little orange nugget abandoned in his work yard.

Tiny ginger kitten
Timmy as a kitten two years ago. Pic credit: @timmythechonk/Instagram.

Timmy was so small when Nilsu and her dad found him that he was half the size of the palm of her hand.

They suspect that he was the runt of a feral mother’s litter.

He was left protected but according to Nilsu, the mother probably abandoned him because she thought he wasn’t strong enough and didn’t have the resources to be raised with her full litter.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon does happen among mammals in the wild.

But once Nilsu found him, Timmy’s life was in good hands.

Raising a chunky chonk

Nilsu bottle-fed Timmy for around three to four months, and during this time he began to show signs of his future ‘chunkiness’.

Ginger kitten with big belly
Timmy’s big belly is on full display. Pic credit: @timmythechonk/Instagram.

As Timmy grew bigger and bigger, Nilsu became concerned and tried putting him on prescribed vet diets and restricting his food intake with an automatic feeder, to no avail.

After a visit with a vet, they said that chunkiness was just in Timmy’s nature.

He is perfectly healthy, he just carries most of his weight in his belly.

The vets suspect that he has a bit of dwarfism, a genetic condition that leads to stunted growth and “abnormal feline body proportions”.

So for Timmy, his body is just built to be stout.

And he also grew up to be a chill little dude.

Just here for a good time

Overweight looking ginger cat
Timmy is all grown up and filling out that belly! Pic credit: @timmythechonk/Instagram.

Timmy’s blank stare and mellow attitude make him appear to not always get what’s going on, as his owner Nilsu describes it:

“Lights are on, no ones home.”

But that’s okay because his family loves him just as he is.

Along with a loving owner, he also has two feline older siblings named Coco and Garfield.

Two cats on a bed; one orange tabby and the other a brown tabby. One cat on a windowsill;an orange tabby.
Coco is the brown long hair tabby on the bed to the right, Timmy is on the bed to the left, and Garfield is the long hair orange tabby on the windowsill. Pic credit: @timmythechonk/Instagram.

Coco is actually Garfield’s mother and so the two are quite strongly bonded together.

But that doesn’t mean Timmy gets left out.

For Nilsu, Timmy is her baby, and he acts like it too.

This is most likely because he had to be bottle-fed by Nilsu, so he is used to more human than feline interaction.

It’s safe to say that Timmy is glad that Nilsu found him!

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