This shy shelter kitten became a “baker” and got a new friend

This shy kitten was lonely in the shelter after all her family was adopted and left her behind. But after some foster care and a new kitten friend, she came out of her shell.

Shy and scared

Peanut Butter was a kitten who was taken to the animal shelter along with all of her siblings. But Peanut Butter was more shy than her brothers and sisters, so while they developed their personalities and got adopted one by one, they left her behind, alone in the shelter.

Peanut Butter was brought to the attention of Hoa, a nearby kitten foster mom. According to Hoa:

“Shy and older kittens like PB tend to have a difficult time at the shelter because of the constant noises and strangers.”

Peanut Butter became so scared and shy that she couldn’t be socialized at the shelter. So Hoa came in and took her home to help her learn how to be a kitten.

Scared tabby kitten in a kennel
Peanut Butter was shy and scared. Pic credit: @whisker_land/Instagram

Peanut Butter the baker

The foster home was a much better environment for Peanut Butter. Although at first she spent all day hiding and sleeping, she was far from a lost cause. In an Instagram post, Hoa said:

“PB is enjoying it here! She is obsessed with scratches and already purring. It will take her some time to build confidence and become more comfortable since she has never lived in a home before.”

It didn’t take too long for Peanut Butter’s personality to come out. The next day, Hoa discovered Peanut’s adorable habit: making bread all day long! In other words, she kneaded blankets with her paws, so it looked like she was making bread.

Within a few more days, Peanut Butter opened up enough to be put up for adoption. Hoa announced Peanut Butter’s availability and encouraged people to adopt her, especially if they were looking for a “Full-Time Assistant Baker.” She said:

“PB’s life is pretty simple: she purrs and makes biscuits all day long.”

Such a sweet kitten who was so good at “baking” would certainly be snatched up quickly. In the meantime, Peanut Butter waited patiently while continuing to have fun in her foster home.

Peanut Butter’s perfect match

Then one day, Peanut Butter, got a special surprise: a new friend! Another older kitten, Oscar, was brought to the foster home. He was a stray, but he was already friendly and social.

Peanut Butter wasn’t as friendly at first. She hissed at him at every chance she got, but Oscar took it calmly, and soon enough the kittens warmed up to each other and became friends.

Tabby kitten and black and white kitten
Peanut Butter and Oscar became best friends. Pic credit: @whisker_land/Instagram

After a few days of being together in the foster home, Peanut Butter and Oscar received some more good news. They had been adopted as a pair!

According to Hoa, a family had showed interest in adopting Peanut Butter before Oscar showed up, and they had also wanted to find another kitten to keep her company. Hoa said:

“Oscar showed up just in time and is the perfect match for PB.”

Hoa is so happy that Peanut Butter has been adopted. From being such a shy, lonely kitten in the shelter, she has grown into such a friendly Assistant Baker. And now she has a new best friend who will keep her company on her journey in her new home.

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