Person holding brown tabby kitten, who looks like he's smiling

Orphan kitten who was all alone made friends in his new foster home

When this kitten came to his foster home, he was an orphan kitten who was all alone. But as he grew up, he made new friends in his foster home and acted as a friend and mentor for other foster kittens. Alone Gator was a tiny kitten who was all alone. He was a stray … Read more

Gray tabby male cat nursing kittens

Kitten fosterer finds kittens trying to nurse on her male cat

People who foster kittens are often in for some surprises. Cats are unpredictable, and it’s hard to tell what hilarious or adorable things they’ll do next. This kitten fosterer was the recipient of one of these surprises one day when she walked in on her foster kittens to see them trying to nurse on her … Read more

Six kittens nurse on black cat mom

Cat acts as kittens’ surrogate mom for a short time in foster care

A mama cat with no kittens joined six kittens with no mama cat to be their surrogate mom. It only lasted a short time, but she still gave it her all. Surrogate mom When a lactating cat arrived at animal services alone, volunteers tried to find her kittens. Surely, they were out there somewhere. But … Read more

Six kittens, tabbies and calicos and black cat

Six “Jersey Shore” kittens grew up well even when their mama cat was sick

In another article, we introduced Jersey, a mama cat who waited to have her babies until after her foster mom got back home. Now, we think it’s time to meet her “Jersey Shore” kittens. Their foster mom, Stephanie, calls the kittens the little “Shores,” since they’re named after characters from the TV show Jersey Shore. … Read more

Fern a cat mother takes in an abandoned kitten

A female rescue cat adopts an orphaned kitten much smaller than her own

In a Tennessee shelter, a rescue cat displayed maternal instinct without limits. When her foster family handed Fern a newborn kitten that its mother had abandoned, she did not waste any time taking the baby under her wings. Becca and Nathan, both of whom are foster parents at the Nashville Cat Rescue in Tennessee, took … Read more

Gray mother cat and two kittens

Cat needed to switch foster homes when she had two surprise kittens

Nora was a stray cat who was taken to animal services and placed in a foster home. But she wasn’t alone. She surprised everyone when she gave birth to two kittens. Not every foster home can take care of mama cats and newborn kittens, so they were sent to their new foster home, known as … Read more

Three kittens: one gray, one calico, one black

Foster mom was supposed to babysit three kittens temporarily, but they stayed until adoption

Three kittens, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, came to Lori’s kitten foster home for her to babysit. She was supposed to take care of them for only a few days while their other foster mom was gone. Babysittin’ kittens Mario, Luigi, and Peach had been rescued as tiny kittens from a hoarding house. There had … Read more

Two kittens together

Teensie the tiny kitten grows happy and healthy with help from her bigger brother

Teensie was a tiny kitten who was found in a trailer park along with her siblings and rescued. When she first came to her foster home, she was half the size of the rest of her siblings and very sick, with a severe respiratory infection and an eye infection. Teensie’s foster mom took very good … Read more

Tortoiseshell cat with six kittens

This pregnant kitty was so young, but she became an amazing mama to six kittens

When this kitty arrived at her new foster home, she was very pregnant. Her human foster mom was ready to help this kitty mom give birth to her kittens in a safe place. Young mom The foster mom, Lynn, knew that this cat was special. She was already going to be a mom, but she … Read more