Bayley the cat loves owner's daughters

Woman’s rescue cat Bailey became daughter’s playmate

In 2004, a young woman took in a ginger cat in her college dorm. A decade later, after many tribulations, the cat is her daughter’s unconditional friend. Erin Merryn was a student when she found a stray kitten. Moved by the ginger kitty, she hid him in her dormitory even though pets were not allowed … Read more

Cat and bird are the best of friends

Cat and bird develop an unlikely bond and can’t get enough of each other

When Rachell adopted a bird and kittens, she wished them to get along. But the pets surpassed her expectations: they became best friends. Rachell brought a colorful bird into her home at the end of 2020. Thus, she named the green and orange animal Chicken. Later, Rachell peeped at an ad showcasing a fluffy ginger … Read more

A grey fever coat kitten stands next to his black cat brother who is sticking his tongue out

Kitten refuses to leave his premie brother’s side and helps him to survive

Since being born premature and abandoned by their mother, kittens Laszlo and Lestat have always had each others’ backs. They even helped to nurse one another through illness to stay alive. The two were found abandoned in a backyard with their other siblings and taken in by the Orphan Kitten Club. Lestat was placed in … Read more

A black kitten sits close to a tortoiseshell kitten.

Orphaned kitten builds an incredible bond with another lonely kitten at a rescue center

A kitten named Cinco arrived at an animal shelter with health issues. There, she struck up a long-lasting friendship with another cat. Cinco, known as Cici, had a difficult start. The kitten lost her mom and was brought to a first shelter but they didn’t have the proper equipment to feed her when she arrived … Read more

A golden retriever sniffs a ginger cat.

This anxiety-ridden golden retriever has an adorable emotional support cat

In Australia, a dog suffering from anxiety counts on the unwavering support of his little brother: a British Shorthair cat. Horlicks is an adorable golden retriever from Australia. Since he was very young, Horlicks has suffered from separation anxiety. This behavioral disorder causes him to manifest signs of anguish whenever he is separated from his … Read more

A cat and a monkey on a bed eating.

This cat and monkey are the best of friends

A capuchin monkey and a cat have become best friends who share an incredible bond. Zhoto, a three-year-old male cat, and Izzy, a 10-year-old female black-capped capuchin monkey, are completely smitten with each other. Both pets live with Malaine and Tom Courser in the US. Despite their different species, the pals are inseparable, sleeping side … Read more

Anne the dog and Ginger the cat

Rescue kitty escaped crate to comfort sick dog

The friendship between a cat named Ginger and a dog named Anne moved veterinarians and colleagues at Greenside Animal Hospital. Both animals were brought to the veterinary clinic in a deplorable condition. The hospital witnessed the kitten’s extraordinary moment of compassion for the fearful rescued canine. As they put it “It’s cathartic to observe such … Read more

BFFs Hopper and Callie

Affectionate and jovial kitten wins over grumpy older cat with patience and love

Pets have a lot to teach us about life. Now Hopper and Callie, two famous cats on TikTok, have given us a beautiful lesson on friendship — a story of claws and purrs! Many great relationships are born out of dislike. To help them blossom requires much tolerance and some determination. Hopper and Callie can vouch … Read more