This special needs cat was rescued from the streets of LA and given an incredible new life

Marmie is a special needs cat who used to live on the streets of Los Angeles, USA.

When she was found, she was so covered in dirt that the volunteers couldn’t even tell what color she was.

She was wearing a red collar, but no one ever came to claim her, and she certainly didn’t look like she was being cared for.

A very thin and dirty looking cat.
Marmie looking worse for wear just after she was picked up by an animal rescue. Pic credit: @ladiemarmie/Instagram.

But all that changed when her forever mom Daisy came to the rescue and fell in love with her at first sight just hours before she was due to be euthanized.

One tough cookie

Marmie was in bad shape when she was rescued, she was malnourished, dehydrated, and filthy. After getting her cleaned up and assessing her health further, vets found a host of other health issues.

Marmie had stomatitis (the inflammation of the oral tissue in the mouth), and a diaphragmatic hernia (a tear or rupture of the diaphragm), and she had to get all of her teeth removed.

Unfortunately, she also had several chronic illnesses as well; Marmie has asthma, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), and is FIV+.

A white and grey tabby cat lying down with wide eyes looking at the camera.
Marmie is such a sweet little cat. Pic credit: @ladiemarmie/Instagram.

A cat having EDS is a particularly cruel fate, the syndrome causes the skin to be more elastic than normal and tears very easily.

This means that Marmie will wound herself if she scratches her skin, but thankfully she has a great owner. Daisy makes sure Marmie gets regular manicures to ensure she can’t hurt her delicate skin.

The soul of a survivor

Despite her history and all of her health troubles, Marmie is a happy, goofy little cat.

And it’s easy to see from her pictures that she is a little spicy too!

A white and grey tabby making an angry face.
Marmie does not look pleased, she often makes such silly faces! Pic credit: @ladiemarmie/Instagram.

The difference between Marmie when she was rescued and to how she is now is striking. Anyone who knows cats knows that when they start playing and acting silly, that’s when they are really content.

Thanks to the wonderful people who rescued her, and to her owner Daisy, Marmie got a second chance at life.

And she’s living it to the fullest.

A white and grey tabby on her owner's lap.
Comfy as can be on her owner’s lap. Pic credit: @ladiemarmie/Instagram.

Marmie’s story of survival and recovery is inspirational.

Not just because of her strength, but because of the love her human Daisy has for her, which helped save a cat who would have been left behind.

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