Introducing ‘nurse’ Bea and The Hospital Cats

The Look Ahead Veterinary Services clinic in California is home to a group of resident hospital cats, which includes a very special feline nurse named Bea.

It’s unclear as to whether Bea is concerned about the animals she encounters or whether she just wants to play with them!

Either way she loves keeping the patients at the clinic company, and according to the staff is a sweet and gentle cat.

About three years ago, Bea was brought into the clinic at 12 weeks old with a severely injured tail that required amputation.

During her recovery, she was allowed to roam the clinic and loved being with the other animals so much that the staff decided to keep her.

She makes up the five cats in total that live at The Look Ahead Hospital.

Long haulers

One of the first cats that found their forever home at the clinic was Uno.

A close-up of a one-eyed cat
Uno is aptly named for her one eye. Pic credit: @thehospitalcats/Instagram.

Uno was found as a kitten after a local wildfire, she had no microchip, so staff deduced that she was most likely already a stray or feral cat.

She needed to get her eye removed because of a nasty eye condition but otherwise was perfectly healthy, and happy to make her home at the clinic.

Then we have Elfie, who prefers to be alone watching her bird videos than interacting with people.

A Long haired ginger cat on a windowsill.
Elfie stretched out by the window. Pic credit: @thehospitalcats/Instagram.

Elfie was brought to the clinic as a six-month-old stray with such a badly broken leg that it had to be amputated.

But she’s never let that hold her back.


Even with 3 legs she’s still the baddest, fastest hospital kitty around #elfie #hospitalcat #vetmed #cats #cattok #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Heath W

New additions

Although most of the cats that the clinic looks after get adopted out, two more have made themselves permanent residents.

The fourth feline resident is Theo, a white and grey tabby cat that came to the clinic as a stray.

His favorite things to do are sleep and cuddle, and according to the staff he can sense when people are sad and “goes to sit on their lap to comfort them”.

Last but certainly not least there’s Peggy, a kitten that had to get her front paw amputated after it was badly injured.

As she was recovering at the clinic, the staff noticed how much little Peggy loved being among the animals.

Peggy fit right in, and the other hospital cats naturally took her under their wing.

And although working with cats all around can sometimes be tricky, the staff wouldn’t have it any other way.

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