This speedy Siberian cat beats her dad in every race

Do you remember the name Usain Bolt? He’s the eight-time gold medalist Jamaican sprinter who could run like the wind.

He has retired now. However, a new cat in town makes heads turn with her lightning-fast speed.

Meet Rackarkatten

Say hello to Rackarkatten.

She was born in June 2008, She is a beautiful fluffy Siberian female cat whose Dad is named Magnus.

In a now-viral YouTube video from The DoDo, Magnus describes the day he discovered Rackarkatten’s super-speed abilities.

In 2010 while spending time at their country home in the forest, Rackarkatten loved spending time outdoors.

They would often go for short walks outside, she loved it since they spent the majority of the time living in an apartment most of the year.

Ready, set, go

On a whim, Magnus decided to have a race with his cat. Rackarkatten instantly got hooked at two years old.

During the warmer months, they would race together about two times per week, and in the winter months, compete twice a month.

Rackarkatten is definitely an outdoor cat.

She enjoys racing so much. She is eager to start running the moment she approaches the starting line.

The fastest race her Dad has recorded is 60 meters in 5.8 seconds.


Rackarkatten loves racing year-round and in the past twelve years, she has never lost a race.

For her summertime is the best time, she runs in the forest, fields, or the country roads.

She loves exploring everything outside, including rolling around in the grass and climbing big boulders.

Because she enjoys spending so much time outdoors, her dad decided to move and transition to living full-time in the country.

Rackarkatten’s father expresses his joy in having her in his life, he adores her and views her as his best friend.

Lessons Learned

This beautiful Siberian cat has taught him valuable life lessons.

He has learned to take a moment to slow down and spend more time at home, she has taught him the value of enjoying nature.

Final Thoughts

Time waits for no one, not even felines. So it’s important to be grateful for all the small blessings in life.

Rackarkatten runs like the wind but also takes time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, embodying an attitude of gratitude and enjoying spending quiet time with the ones you love.

Relish in the beauty of nature and practice what brings you joy in life.

You can learn more about Rackarkatten and follow her adventures on her Instagram page.

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