Long-lost twins reunited after their owners start dating

Sometimes fate works in curious ways. The following story reads like a soap opera but is a true testimony. A pair of kittens who were split up after being adopted were reunited years later by chance when their respective owners fell in love.

To better understand this tale, you have to go back in time. To July 2014, to be precise. In Fairfax, California, Petaluma Animal Services had just gotten a new litter of six kittens.

Among them were two identical twins named Ozzie and Butter, these two had been inseparable since their birth.

A woman named Cathleen Cavin wanted to please her daughter Cali, a young girl who had long yearned for a pet.

Therefore, her mom finally brought Cali to the Petaluma shelter. They spotted two gorgeous orange and white kittens, Ozzie and his twin Butter.

The heartwrenching separation

If it had been up to Cali, they would have taken both twins, but there was a hiccup. Their landlord would never allow them to bring two pets into the building. As a result, to Ozzie’s despair, Cathleen and Calli had to settle for a sole kitten.

On the one hand, the kitten had the opportunity to belong to a loving home, but on the other, he lost his brother. What a dilemma!

Cathleen recalled:

“So we’re crying as we’re leaving, just devastated that we couldn’t take both. They look identical.”

The separation seemingly took a toll on Ozzie; the puss had not stopped “crying” since his adoption. Feeling sorry for him, Cali assumed the feline missed his brother.

Thus, the devoted mom Cathleen promised her daughter to reunite the twins. She convinced her landlord to let her welcome a second kitten in their house.

However, Cali’s glee was short-lived. Cathleen Cavin called the Petaluma Animal Services shelter only to learn that Butter was already gone.

Not long after his brother’s departure, the second twin had also found an owner—a succession of highs and lows, just like a telenovela.

Ozzie and Butter are reunited at last

In April 2015, Cathleen met a suitor on the Tinder dating app: a widower called Herrera. The two chatters learn they have a lot in common, including owning a cat. After months of courtship, Cathleen and Herrera took the plunge and met in person in 2016.

One day, Cathleen went to Herrera’s home and was perplexed to find her cat staring back at her. Taken aback, she exclaimed, “That’s my cat. You have my cat,”

A confused Herrera replied, “No, that’s my cat.” Cathleen told Press Democrat:

” He thought I was some crazy cat lady,” and I said, “No, I promise you. Come over to my house.”

The following day, Herrera went to visit Cathleen and Cali. He, too, was astounded by the similarities between their felines. When they compared the adoption records, it was obvious that Butter and Ozzie were brothers. Cathleen said:

“We’ve been saying for the past eight months that we’re going to introduce them, it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, honestly.”

In February 2017, Ozzie and Butter saw each other again, more than two and a half years after their separation. As the relationship evolved, Cathleen and Herrera moved in together.

Ultimately, all these beautiful people (and felines) lived under the same roof. Thus, this reunion was a satisfying finale to this real-life soap opera.

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