Thoughtful grandma crochets a couch for her son-in-law’s cat

You know you’re loved when people buy you presents for your pets. And grandma loves her son-in-law a lot. That’s why she gave him a crocheted cat couch for his birthday.

Josh is one of those people who are very hard to shop for, o the point where people will just give him a gift for his cat instead.

So, when Josh’s birthday came around, grandma didn’t even bother asking him what he wanted. Josh’s domestic long-hair humorously named ‘Cat’ would always sleep on top of her dad’s feet all day when he would sit down to work.

Living in luxury

Grandma made the couch from a pattern she found on the internet, she also thoughtfully made him a tiny throw blanket to go over the couch.

It took the grandma two whole days to crochet the couch and blanket for the senior feline.

Josh told Redditors:

“She is super-humanely good at this kind of thing though so I don’t know how long it’d take a normal person,”

When the couch arrived, it came in a big box that Josh’s cat was a huge fan of, but she wasn’t quite aware of how couches work when she first got hers.

Being a curious cat and all, she played around with it for a while and finally figured it out. Now she loves to lounge on her couch.

New couch, who dis?

Josh told The Dodo:

 “She was very uninterested at first, the box it came in was a big hit though. But she started to come around.”

Josh’s cat still likes to sleep on her dad’s feet, but the new couch has definitely freed his feet up some. In addition to people, she is also a fan of sleeping on pillows. He explained:

“She likes to alternate between sleeping on a person and sleeping on a pillow, she’ll find the nearest available lap, but if the person is too fidgety, she’ll get up and find a good pillow.

The last couple of days instead of a pillow she’ll hop on her couch. So far Cat hasn’t complained.”

Josh is glad that the senior cat has multiple places where she can take a nap while feeling safe and loved. Especially since snoozing is how Cat spends most of her day.

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