Woman and her mother rescue a kitten from a cruel breeder who wants to euthanize him for looking ‘wrong’

One day Megan heard that a local breeder was going to euthanize a kitten that had just been born because he had some genetic abnormalities.

The kitten had been born with a cleft lip, a crooked jaw, and only one eye, the breeder had told a family friend of Megan’s that she didn’t think the kitten would sell.

She also didn’t want anyone to know that one of her cats had “genetic issues”, or that she wasn’t giving her breeding cats enough time to recover between litters.

Love at first sight

Thankfully, this family friend alerted Megan and her mother about the breeder’s intentions as she knew they were both animal lovers.

The breeder had told the family friend that she would give the kitten away for free to anyone who would take her before she was set to be euthanized.

So without a second thought, Megan and her mother intervened and adopted the kitten, Megan shared:

“I fell in love the second I saw him”

Tiny Himalayan kitten with cleft upper lip and one eye in his owner's hand.
How could anyone want to put down a sweet little kitten like this for no reason? Pic credit: @cricket_the_one_eyed_cat/Instagram.

Saved in the nick of time

Megan and her mother decided to name the kitten Cricket or Mr. Cricket for fun.

Cricket was not in great health when they took him home, he was very skinny most likely because the breeder didn’t plan on him living much longer.

But Megan and her mom soon remedied this. Cricket needs a diet of mostly soft foods because of his cleft upper lip and crooked jaw, but otherwise, he has no trouble eating.

Himalayan kitten rolling on their back exposing their belly.
Soon Cricket was filling out his fluff nicely! Pic credit: @cricket_one_eyed_cat/Instagram.

From now it would be smooth sailing for Cricket, as he had found his forever home, where he was loved for how he looked.

Rescue is the best breed

It’s hard to determine exactly which breed Mr. Cricket is, he is most likely a Himalayan with a couple of other breeds mixed in.

A Himalayan cat whose coat is white with patches of dark brown fur and light brown fur on the top of his head.
He has the long hair and facial structure of a Himalayan but his coat is quite unique! Pic credit: @cricket_the_one_eyed_cat/Instagram.

But whatever breed he is, it doesn’t really matter.

The fact that a healthy kitten that grew into a healthy and adorable cat was going to be euthanized because he looked “wrong” is horrible.

His case serves as a reminder of how important it is to adopt cats where possible because there are always cats in need who could use the help and protection of a good human.

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