Tiktok of a housecat eating mice has viewers torn

A Tiktok video showing a cat chugging trapped mice has viewers divided. Some think it’s nature’s pre-definite order, while others are not so convinced.

Jordy Jared Fuentes has a Tiktok channel where he shares animal-related content. Viewers can get to know his dog, cat, and colorful birds.

One of the content creator’s videos has initiated a discussion about animal instincts. Indeed, Jordy had a rat infestation in his home and figured out a way to catch the annoying rodents.

When he finally caught some mice, he let them in the company of his kitten and taped the moment. Jordy shared his video on TikTok last September;

As the video unfolds, we see some rats trapped in a closed space next to corn storage. Facing them is a greyish cat prowling, reading to jump on this stuck prey.


Respuesta a @saturno_xs Michi el emperador del mal 😼👹

♬ sonido original – Brayan Montaño

In a subsequent video, viewers witness the family feline holding one of the rodents in his mouth.

If the first video went viral, the reactions would be mixed. The clip garnered more than 795000 views but less than 73 000 likes.

Users gave conflicting responses regarding whether they approved of the cat’s behavior or perceived it as a sign of cruelty.

The cat eating the mice sparks a debate 

The comment section turned into a battle of two opposite sides: those who think the cat’s behavior is absolutely normal and those who question the decision of the cat’s owner to allow his pet to eat the rats without interfering.

The original poster made his opinion clear in his captions, saying:

“I am aware that it is terrible, but unfortunately, that is how nature works; there are only four left now. The cat is a carnivore and not a herbivore.”

Numerous netizens found the video funny, with @lisethruthhuayta saying how satisfying it was to see the clip.

@diegocarrillo4311 wrote:

“he got bored of the same dish😂 there was to take another one to eat too”

Many didn’t find this sight alluring. Tiktoker @Luis complained:

“I don’t know, but I’m sad about the little mice🥺”

A few commenters suggested that Jordy take his feline to the veterinarian since she does not know what diseases or parasites the rats may be carrying.

This aspect is especially true if the rats gained access to the street via a sewer.

In the following days, Jordy posted additional videos of the scary moment after receiving requests from followers.

Jordy’s post demonstrates that even while animals are raised under humans’ care, they can still maintain a significant amount of their natural characteristics.

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