This cat always sits next to the vacuum cleaner, and its owner wants to know why

When it’s time to clean the house, this cat gives its owner some trouble by sitting right by the vacuum cleaner when it’s out. Although the cat hates it and all the scary noises it makes, it still insists on sitting by it while it’s still off.

A vacuum cat conundrum

This must create a very difficult situation for the owner. Should they turn on the vacuum while the cat’s still there? And what about when they need to put it away? Could they really interrupt the kitty’s fun?

They must have been very bewildered about their cat’s behavior, because they posted about it on Reddit, asking the community if they had answers to why the cat cuddles up with the vacuum like it’s the cat’s best friend in the whole world.

It’s my vacuum now

People commented with several possible reasons. Some commenters said:

“He sits in a virtual box created by the vacuum cleaner’s sleeve.”


“Cats are instinctively attracted to enclosed spaces. Likely due to their ambush predator hunting style. Even a vague outline on the floor will entice them to sit there over another spot.”


Cats certainly do like sitting in enclosed spaces, so maybe this vacuum cleaner tube is enough of a space to satisfy the cat.

Another Reddit user suggested that the cat saw the owner using the vacuum and decided it belonged to the cat now, similar to how cats like to sit on keyboards or whatever their human is working on at the moment.

Ragdoll cat sitting near a vacuum cleaner
This belongs to the cat now. Pic credit: u/Bright–/Reddit

Cat strategies

Other commenters thought that the cat might be making a more calculated move. They said:

“They do say to keep your enemies close…”


“Establishing dominance over it.”


“She probably wants you to not use it, so she ‘occupies’ it haha.”


“My cat does this with my clothes and shoes so I don’t leave the house.”


Maybe the cat is very closely supervising the enemy and making it clear who’s the boss. Or maybe it is sitting there on purpose to keep its owner from using it. Cats are pretty smart, so we wouldn’t put it past them to make up ingenious strategies like this.

The face of the enemy. The cat will do anything to take it down! Pic credit: @kang_hojun/Pixabay

Who knows?

Others suggested that if the vacuum was just used it might be warm and comfortable, or that the cat is using exposure therapy to overcome its fear of vacuums, or even that the cat might be trying to protect its owner from the scary monster.

Why do you think this cat always wants to sit next to the vacuum? Whatever the reason, it’s clear that this cat looks so adorable doing it!

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