Tokyo’s cats are being given wearable fans to beat the heatwave

This summer Japan has been experiencing record-breaking temperatures and they are currently in the midst of a major heatwave. Tokyo in particular has seen temperatures soar up to 86° Fahrenheit.

The unforgiving heat inspired a company Tokyo clothing company to create wearable fans that can help the city’s cats trying to handle the heat. 

Heating up

As reported by Euronews, The Tokyo-based maternity clothing company Sweet Mommy made the usual move over to pet clothing when the city began to heat up and its animal inhabitants struggled to cool down.

The president of Sweet Mommy Rei Uzawa was inspired to design clothing for pets that could provide them with a personal fan when she saw how her own cat was affected by the rising temperatures. 

Explaining why she thinks her innovative product will be crucial in helping pets beat the heat and safely stay cool throughout this historic heatwave, Rei Uzawa told Euronews:

“There was almost no rainy season this year, so the hot days came early, and in that sense, I think we developed a product that is right for the market.”

A tabby cat wears a gray mesh outfit.
A kitty modeling the unique outfit. Pic credit: Euro News/Website

The design

The unique breathable clothing fitted with a personal fan was developed in conjunction with veterinary experts who ensured that the outfit was both safe and comfortable for cats to wear.

The innovative piece of clothing that has already helped hundreds of Tokyo’s cats stay cool, is made up of a battery-operated 80-gram fan attached to a mesh top. 

Sweet Mommy has reported that they have been inundated with orders for the pet cooling device, with owners reporting that their beloved cats seem grateful for the help in beating the summer’s heat.

Keeping cats cool

For those of us who don’t have access to specially designed cooling clothing for our cats, there are other ways that you can help your cat beat the heat in the summer months.

You can easily make some icy treats for your feline friend by placing small spoonfuls of wet cat food into icetrays, creating lickable treats that will keep your kitty cool.

An image of an ice tray, an open can of cat food, and a ginger cat eating from a bowl.
A cat enjoying some homemade icy treats. Pic credit: Vivi Pet/Website

Another way to ensure that your cat can cope with rising summer temperatures is to slip a gel ice pack under their favorite sleeping spot.

If you are providing your cat with an ice pack, remember to always cover it with toweling or bedding, and never allow your cat to lie directly against the frozen pack.

Another vital way to keep your cat safe in the heat is to apply cat sunscreen to the areas of their skin that are most vulnerable to being burned by the sun. This means applying a generous amount of cream to their tummies and the tips of their ears.

Whether you use DIY at-home methods or invest in specially designed pet clothing, there are lots of ways to ensure that your kitty stays cool this summer!

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