Abandoned kittens give grieving dog a happy new lease on life

Rescue dog Martin was heartbroken when his Labrador sister and best friend Alma passed away. Thankfully, two tiny abandoned kittens miraculously came into his life and chased away his sadness, giving him the companionship he had been missing.

“He went through some depression because Alma wasn’t here anymore,” Martin’s mom, Emilia Ivan, told The Dodo. “He was really lonely and sad.”

That’s why Ivan was so eager to adopt a kitten she learned had been abandoned in a local field. She knew the kitten would make the perfect friend for Martin.

Love at first sight

Still, she was a little nervous about their first meeting. However, she was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was “love at first sight” when they finally did meet.

Ivan took one look at the kitten, one look at his mom, and then scooped the kitten up into his arms. He then covered her tiny furry faces in kisses.

Martin and the new kitten immediately hit it off. Martin loved to snuggle with the kitten and “take care of her.”

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It wasn’t long after this that Ivan’s boyfriend brought home a second kitten who was abandoned in their yard. The poor little thing was very scared, so they took her in too.

“We think she was left there by someone because they saw that we had another kitten,” Ivan said. 

Martin immediately took to this kitten as well and served as their protector. Well, more like Mr. Dog Mom.

Mama Martin

“He pays a lot of attention to them and takes care of them. He behaves like he’s their mother and they’re his daughters,” Ivan said.

The two little kittens have completely changed Martin’s heart. Gone are his mopey days where he lies around thinking about his lost companion and wishing she was still around.

Now Martin has a brand new purpose, and it’s to raise those kittens right. Ivan says she’s completely surprised by Martin’s newfound love for the kittens and how protective he is over them.

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“I’ve always loved Martin, but now when I see him taking care of the kittens, how careful and playful he is with them, it’s magical,” she said.

While the relationship Martin had with Alma will always be special, he’s very grateful for the new kitties in his life.

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