This sweet boy built a wheelchair for a tiny disabled kitten

A 9-year-old Brazilian boy met a disabled little kitten at his neighbor’s house. The kind-hearted boy built a wheelchair for the injured kitten, changing his life forever.

The boy’s mother, Rogéria Bello Corazza, posted the heartwarming story on her Facebook account.   

Joao, who loves animals, lives with his parents in the Brazilian state of Paraná. The young boy discovered the kitten when he went to the neighboring house.

Earlier, Joao had heard that the neighbor had just welcomed a new litter. Hence, the boy was excited to see the newborn kitties.

However, when he visited the litter, Joao noticed one of the cats wasn’t moving. So, while the other moggies were exploring their surroundings, this kitten stayed behind.

Soon Joao discovered the lagging pussy cat couldn’t walk. The young boy was significantly affected by the scene of this lonesome cat. Therefore, he sought a solution to help her.

Joao builds a wheelchair

Rogéria, his mother, explained:

    “He returned home and started to have ideas about how to help.”

According to The Dodo, the young boy thought a wheelchair would be the best option for the cat, so Joao came up with an inventive solution. To acquire the necessary materials, the ingenious boy enlisted the assistance of a friend.

Since the kitten was small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, Joao and his friend had to adapt their design. Together, the youngsters build a tiny cart to hold the kitten’s slight frame.

Joao’s mother shared the result of their labor on her page. Talking about the disabled kitty, the woman stated:

“She started walking in a few minutes. The idea was great, and she walked in it on her first try.”

A video of the kitten enjoying her wheelchair was shared on Facebook by Rogéria and has already been shared countless times and has accumulated millions of views.

People have expressed much admiration for the child’s selfless act.

Moreover, the neighbors were overjoyed to watch their small tabby cat be free to roam the room like other cats. A happy Joao couldn’t hide his grin when he saw his protégé move around.

As for Rogéria, she was moved by her son’s compassion. The proud mother said :

    “His joy at being able to help was the best part.”

What an adorable child! He was able to make this kitten walk. Although when the tabby grows up, he will probably need a bigger wheelchair. Hopefully, Joao will be there!

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