Treasure hunting cat brings her mom new presents every day

Coconut the cat is a momma’s girl. That’s why she dedicates her treasure-hunting adventures to her mother and brings mom a brand new gift every day.

The tuxedo cat has been exploring her surroundings for riches ever since Taryn Troutman and her husband adopted her.

Coconut will brave the dark depths underneath the bed to find a long-lost treasure like a bouncy ball. She’ll even scale the narrowest of shelves to swipe a coveted gem like a Chandler Bing lego.

Treasures untold

But since Coconut loves her mom so much, she wants to make sure she is well taken care of. So, Coconut also brings mom things to help her stay healthy.

Things like a string bean or a single almond. But she doesn’t like to be too boring with it.

Coconut also brings mom candy like a packet of Razzles or a single cherry gummie. You know, as a reward for eating those string beans.

Whatever Coconut decides to bring her mom, it sure does keep mom on her toes. She loves getting new surprises.

“Coconut does bring me gifts EVERY DAY,” Troutman told The Dodo. “I never know what to expect.”

Coconut wants to make sure that mom is safe and protected. She’s very strategic about her gifts too. That’s when she’ll bring her things like wrapped silverware that only contains a knife.

It’s wrapped in a napkin so mom can use it as a concealed weapon. You know, just in case she has to murder someone. Coconut also likes to be helpful with her gifts.

So, she’ll swoop in with a tampon or a hair tie when her mom needs one. But mom isn’t always a fan of this.

Good presents vs. bad presents

She can never find her hair ties because Coconut always snatches them so she can present them as gifts.

When Coconut really wants to tell mom just how much she loves her, she gives mom something very special. Like her favorite dinosaur or snake toy.

But not all gifts are helpful. Sometimes Coconut will bring over a piece of styrofoam or something from the recycling bin like the plastic top of a drink container.


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And not all gifts are welcome. Sometimes Coconut will bring over a piece litter from the litter box, which mom does not appreciate.

This is why Troutman decided to create a rating system for Coconut’s gifts. Candy will usually get a 10000 out of 10. Hair ties get a 1 out of 10, and Coconut’s stuffed animals get a 100 out of 10.

“I, for sure, think her bringing gifts is a sign of love,” Troutman said. “Coconut is a very sweet and playful cat — we love her!”

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