Cat’s lion-like mane restored after 2 lbs. of matted fur are shaved off

When Mattie arrived at the York County SPCA the staff couldn’t tell where his body started and where the giant clumps of matted fur ended. They soon learned that those clumps were actually larger than his body and weighed a whopping 2.5 lbs.

But with some love and care, Mattie was transformed into the gorgeous lion-like happy cat he was meant to be. Mattie was found as a stray in Hanover, Pennsylvania by someone living in the neighborhood, according to Love Meow.

The folks at York County SPCA were completely astonished when they first laid eyes on Mattie. York County SPCA Shelter Medical Director Dr. Natalie Weekes said it was the worst matting she’s seen on an animal in her entire career.

Cat-sized clumps

The poor orange kitty could barely move. His mats were so massive that he had to be transported in a dog crate.

The staff also believed that the condition was painful for Mattie. The knotted hair was so thick and heavy that it pulled at his skin.

To top it off, Mattie was very scared and anxious. Mattie had to be sedated before the shelter staff could shave him down.

“Had he been awake for this procedure, it would have been extremely painful because the mats were knotted so closely and tightly against his skin. In fact, we found three tears in Mattie’s skin after shaving him – the mats were that heavy. When Mattie was finished being shaved, his locks of matting were larger than his newly free body,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

A total of 2.5 lbs. of hair was shaved off of the cat’s body. Mattie was given lots of love and reassurance during this time to reduce his stress.

“Even at times when Mattie appeared still scared and anxious, the loving presence of his care team assured him he was safe. Soon, he began blossoming,” the shelter wrote.

Mattie, who was also diagnosed with diabetes, was revealed to be an exceedingly sweet and outgoing cat under all that messy fur.

“No matter how big that shaved mass of mats was, his heart is way bigger. As is his resiliency,” the shelter staff wrote.

After a while, Mattie’s beautiful long orange locks started to grow back in. Now he looks like a handsome, regal little lion.

King energy

Mattie spent a few months in the shelter. Then Chandler Scull, a veterinary technician and the Vice President of an animal rescue in Pittsburgh, saw Mattie on social media and fell in love.

She had recently lost her diabetic cat and knew she could properly care for Mattie.

“Something just drew me to him, and I knew in my gut that he was my cat,” Chandler told Love Meow. “We’re hopeful that this sweet, opinionated man will get to live out some quality golden years.”

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