Musician’s cat goes viral for stealing his guitar picks

Alessandro Pulisci, also known as dysalexic, is a guitarist who regularly posts content on his social media. As a guitarist, he has an impressive number of guitar picks, and his cat likes to collect them as well.

In the viral video, Pulisci lifts a rug to show several guitar picks underneath. The camera pans to his cat, Mia, who meows as if to say, “What? I didn’t do it.” The caption on the video says “Musicians with cats will get it.”

Cats love to play with anything they can get their paws on. To Mia, all those guitar picks must have been irresistible and so easy to hide!

Other videos

This isn’t the only time Pulisci has posted a video of the missing guitar picks and the culprit, Mia. He posted another in response to someone saying that since he had a cat, he must have tons of picks under his rugs. In that video, Pulisci also reveals the evidence that his cat is a thief and a hoarder.

Pulisci does not post exclusively cat content. In fact, most of his posts focus on his music, like his collaborations and videos of short daily riffs on his guitar. He also posts about the podcast “Remake Rewind” that he helps create, which comments on movies that have been remade.

Pulisci also created a humorous but very true music video in reaction to his cat’s video going viral. He pointed out that he didn’t gain any followers because he was posting outside of his niche. He warns people to focus on creating “original content” and to not just get likes from funny cat videos.

Mia love

Despite his cat not being the focus of his content, it’s clear that he still loves her. He has created several posts about her, including one announcing her adoption in early 2020. In this post, he introduced her as Ms. Mia “Deetz” Wallace Pulisci and asked that his followers “send treats in lieu of money, as she cannot spend it. Nor does she have space for a wallet.”

Since then, he has posted more content about Mia and how she has become a part of his life. She plays, follows him around, and begs for attention. He may be posting outside his niche, but sometimes Mia is so weird and cute, he can’t help it.

Pulisci also has other cats that he has posted about every now and then. One time, he even asked all his followers to send him pictures of their pets so he could appreciate their cuteness.

But Mia will always be very special as the cat who went viral. Her owner may not have gained many followers because of it, but we sincerely appreciate him sharing Mia with us.

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