Try Cat Pile, the feline take on the block-stacking game Jenga

Love playing a game of Jenga? Then, you are bound to love the cat-inspired version. Launched a few years ago by the Taiwanese woodcraft enterprise Comma, “Cat Pile” is a fun and twisted take in which players must stack wooden cats.

Generally, skill and introspection are required to win Jenga, also known as “The Towering Inferno”. It’s a board game where players take turns removing and replacing tower pieces until the tower topples over.

The name Jenga derives from the Swahili verb kujenga (a southern African language), which means to construct.

Every time a block is taken out of the tower, it’s stacked back on top, resulting in an increasingly unsteady construction. Players continue until the tower’s balance is irremediably compromised, and the whole stack collapses. Keep your composure!

Cat Pile takes inspiration from the classic board game. Moreover, the imaginative play is unquestionably an homage to the well-known charm of the feline species.

Cat Jenga for feline lovers

Cat Pile, also known as Cat Jenga, is an unexpected game launched by Comma in Taiwan in 2014. However, it only became available in the US years later.

Instead of the usual wooden blocks, this contest replaces them with cats carved of teak or maple.

 The idea behind it is straightforward: you must carefully build several cats, one on top of the other until you reach the shape of a pyramid without letting any of them fall over.

 In contrast to Jenga, the forms in this game are all unique, and you’ll need to experiment with the feline’s curved features, which have been replicated exceptionally well.

This fun concept not only breathes new life into classic games but also has the potential to be used as a decorative component in the home.

In addition, Cat Pile is frequently confused with regular Jenga, yet if you look closely, you’ll notice that the game actually works with a reverse mechanism.

In this version of the game, the objective is to stack the cats without causing them to fall, whereas, in Jenga, the purpose is to remove the pieces from a tower that has already been constructed.

The winner of a cat pile will be the last person who can stack a cat without it toppling over, no matter how unstable it seems. The cats aren’t just cute to play with, but they also make a great addition to any contemporary house or office.

For about twenty dollars, this imaginative game can be purchased from online retailers. A unique set contains six wooden cats depicting pusses in diverse positions: stretching, pawing, walking, etc.

Besides, buyers can choose different colors and designs as the teak version comes in four styles and the maple in three.

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