Picture from game, orange tabby cat lying on blanket in the grass

Game developer creates game inspired by their cat

An independent game developer created a game inspired by their own cat, and when it releases, it’s sure to take the internet by storm. About 28 days ago, Reddit user u/wegotyoup, also known as youpiepoopie, posted their first announcement about a cat-themed game about their cat Mosey. They posted a video trailer for the game … Read more

Cat Jenga flips a classic game for more fun

Try Cat Pile, the feline take on the block-stacking game Jenga

Love playing a game of Jenga? Then, you are bound to love the cat-inspired version. Launched a few years ago by the Taiwanese woodcraft enterprise Comma, “Cat Pile” is a fun and twisted take in which players must stack wooden cats. Generally, skill and introspection are required to win Jenga, also known as “The Towering … Read more

An image of an optical illusion

A cat-centric optical illusion has puzzled the internet

The Internet loves an optical illusion, they tend to go viral. Everyone remembers the infamous ‘white dress’, which had people debating harder than presidential candidates. In March 2022, a perplexing optical illusion involving animals received a lot of attention. The image was designed to put your eyesight and cognitive abilities to the test by hiding … Read more