Tuxedo cat likes to take her stuffed toys on ‘adventures’

Pixie, a 12-year-old tuxedo cat, is an exceedingly affectionate cat. With both her humans and her toys.

That’s why she makes sure to take her toys on adventures with her. So they don’t get bored.

Pixie loves playing inside and outside. She’s always exploring what’s around her wherever she is. But she doesn’t do it alone.

The gang

Pixie always brings one of her stuffed animals along with her. They lie around in the garden together and explore what’s going on all over her property.

Her favorites are a lion, a tiger, and a little cat that looks just like her.

But Pixie likes to adventure with her buddies in secret. She always make sure that mom isn’t looking.

“If she notices that I’m watching her, she stops and puts the toy down,” Pixie’s mom Beth Wilson told The Dodo.

But Wilson still manages to catch Pixie in the act. She even gets it on camera.

“In summer she likes to take them into the garden,” Wilson said. “Sometimes she just takes them for a tour and then back in the house. Other times, they get left in the greenhouse. If I put a blanket on the grass to sit on, she will put toys on it.” 

When Pixie is inside, she can usually be found with one or several toys by her side.

“In winter she just carries them ’round the house,” Wilson said. “She might take several into one room.”

And Pixie is always keeping track of all of her toys. When a house cleaner comes once a week she always makes sure they are put away before the cleaner gets there.

“She puts all the toys back in the toy box,” Wilson said. “As soon as the cleaner leaves she gets several back out of the box and puts them around the house.” 

Free Pixie love

But Pixie loves her mama too. She always makes sure to make Wilson feel loved the way she makes her toys feel loved.

“I got her as a kitten 12 years ago,” Wilson said. “She totally changed my life … She takes care of me when I’m feeling bad and she always cheers me up.” 

Wilson put some photos of Pixie and her obsession with her toys on Twitter, where they went viral. Her post was liked more than 47,000 times. So, not only does she make her mom happy, but always thousands of people on the internet too!

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