Meet Albert, the crazy cat who loves sticking his head in tissue boxes

Cats love boxes of all kinds. They usually like to find boxes they can sit in, but Albert the cat likes a different type of box–a tissue box! He may only be able to fit his head inside, but that doesn’t make him any less obsessed.


Albert is a black and white cat with plenty of cattitude. He is crazy, playful, and talkative. His owner loves catching pictures of Albert while he is meowing or yawning, making some pretty wacky faces. One of these pictures is posted on Reddit with the caption:

“This guy talks almost as much as my 8 year old daughter.”

Crazy for tissue boxes

One of the biggest ways he shows his crazy personality is by playing with tissue boxes. According to his owner, he’s absolutely obsessed with them, and she loves taking pictures and videos of him sticking his head in the box. He even tries to walk around with it on! His owner said:

“Oh he loves sticking his head inside….Have to hide the tissue box when I’m not around.”

It sounds like a fun way for a cat to spend his time. We just hope he won’t get stuck!

Getting into other things

Albert doesn’t just love playing with tissue boxes. His owner has also posted pictures of him sitting inside various other objects. In this picture, he holds a pair of shoes hostage. See how he sticks his paw inside one of them? It’s like he’s trying to see if it fits him.

Black and white cat sits with pink crocs
Do these shoes look good on him? They match his pink nose. Pic credit: u/I_just_like_to_smile/Reddit

In this picture, he has his head stuck in another interesting place: a t-shirt. According to his owner, he loves sweaty clothes. We can’t say we agree with him, but it looks like he likes it, so he can keep up the good work.

Black and white cat with head stuck in blue T-shirt
Albert must really like the smell of sweat. Pic credit: u/I_just_like_to_smile/Reddit

Joining games

Albert also likes to get involved in his owner’s board games. For example, when they were playing a board game, he came and lay down on the board. It was obviously his spot now, and if they wanted to keep playing, they would just have to play around him.

He also got involved in a cat themed game that his owner was playing, perfect for him to join. She caught the most amazing picture of him, standing by the game and giving his best evil smile. The caption on the photo says:

“The game is called “Cat Crimes.” I think we all know who’s guilty.”

Black and white cat making a crazy, evil face
What kind of evil scheme is Albert planning? Pic credit: u/I_just_like_to_smile/Reddit

Even if Albert did commit a cat crime, we’re sure we’d all forgive him. He’s such a funny cat with so much personality. We hope he has a great life filled with many tissue boxes.

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