This video of a Scottish fold kitten cradling a drowsy puppy will make your day

It wouldn’t be the internet if a day passed without a moggy doing something adorable and completely endearing. This time, it’s the interaction between a grey cat and a ginger puppy that has enchanted netizens.

A pet owner uploaded a video of the kitten rocking the tiny puppy to sleep on Twitter. Cute beyond words!

It is really difficult to tear your eyes away from the cute videos of cats and dogs found online. These kinds of posts have a knack for brightening people’s day and putting a grin on their faces.

On October 14th, Twitter user @ Gabriele Corno shared a tender video. In the short clip, a woman puts a grey Scottish fold next to a small brown puppy on her lap.

The following scene shows the cat comforting and stroking the snoozing puppy with its paws. This kitten, older than his canine counterpart, is very delicate toward the sleepy puppy.

Softly, he cradles the baby without making a sound. The incredibly engaging dynamic between these two animals is definitely touching and somehow soothing.

The original poster might have made an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) video without even realizing it. And people can’t get enough.

After watching the video, you might have the same reaction. Take a look at the clip below:

The Scottish fold and its friend sent Twitter into overdrive

To say the post went viral seems like an understatement, as the cute video has been viewed over four million times in less than a day on the microblogging site. Besides, the number is still growing.

Community members showed their appreciation for the clip with over 150 000 likes and retweets. The verdict was unanimous: delightful.

Similarly, the post’s comments section was full of internet users fawning about the pets in the clip.

One commenter raised the following question:

“How many people watching this right now, wishes for a hug like this ❤️”

User @Pandora16270480 was at a loss for words, writing:

“OMG!!! How adorable and loving is that. I’ll adopt both thank you🙏🤗🥰.Love love love it♥️♥️♥️”

@1SparkyOne concluded:

“That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen today. Thank you!!”

Furthermore, the video soundtrack appears to have piqued the interest of many viewers. The comment section was filled with people questioning the original poster about the song and its language.

One user finally let others know the track was in Ukrainian.

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