Two energetic disabled cats who met at a cat clinic have become best friends!

For disabled cats Jesse and Willie; scootin’ is their name, and being best friends is their game! Though Jesse’s back legs are paralyzed due to an injury and Willie was born without the use of his back legs, these two get around no problem!

They get where they need to go by scooting around the halls of the Cat Clinic of Chattanooga on their little cat booties. So, they pretty much immediately became best friends when they first met.

A friend just like me

Jesse had never had another friend before that was just like him. Jesse was dropped off at the Tennessee clinic by a good Samaritan who found him paralyzed from the waist down on the side of the road.

Jesse was diagnosed with a severe spinal injury, but thankfully wasn’t in any pain and could eat on his own. Since Jesse would require physical therapy, acupuncture, and medication for other issues, the clinic staff thought it best to let him live there.

Besides, everyone had already fallen in love with him anyway. Now Jesse is their “little mascot.” Still, Jesse was the only one like him around.

That’s when a brand new bestie appeared in Jesse’s life that was a “scooter” just like him.

Willie, who was born with a disability that left his back legs paralyzed, was found on someone’s doorstep. The homeowner brought him to the clinic and was pleased to know Willie would be well cared for. He was also thrilled to know there was another scootin’ cat for him to play with.

Did we just become best friends?

Jesse immediately recognized his kinship with Willie and jumped into the friendship whiskers first. Willie was more defensive and standoffish to start, but after a few days, these two were best buds. Jennifer Allen, the clinic’s assistant manager told The Dodo:

“It took less than a week, but Willie started to warm up to Jesse, and started sitting on Jesse’s bed with him,”

Jesse has helped Willie to gain some confidence by showing him the ropes at the clinic and how to get around. Willie initially wanted to be held all the time. But now he’s too busy scootin’ around the clinic with his big bro Jesse. Allen explained:

“I catch them wrestling and snuggling all the time. They both love playing inside boxes, or the kind of beds they can get inside of.

They also love to play with ping pong balls. Both of them chase those around the clinic. They both just drag their little butts.”

Not only do Jesse and Willie get to live happy and healthy lives at the clinic thanks to the staff, but they get to live their lives together.

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