Uniquely colored tortie kitten turns into a diva

Flick is a gorgeous tortie kitten with unique markings. She must know how much of a pretty kitty she is because she’s developed quite the cattitude since her rescue.

Flick was found as a stray rummaging through a garbage collection area in an industrial site. No one quite knew how the kitten was able to survive without a mother or siblings.

But she wouldn’t have to fight for survival anymore now that she was adopted by The Mad Catters Feline Rescue. The tortie kitten was cared for by foster mom Tara, who made sure Flick was a happy and healthy girl.

The best of both worlds

Flick was a unique-looking kitty with half of her face black and the other half tortoise shell colored. But her stunning looks weren’t the only thing that caught people’s attention.

Her diva personality was also beginning to stand out. As soon as her foster mom would come in the room, Flick would get out of her bed to demand pets and snuggles in her squeaky little voice.

When demanded her foster’s mom’s constant attention when she came down with a mild case of the cat flu. If she didn’t get it, she would cry or whine until she got her way.

“Most kittens tend to go fairly quiet when they are sick but Flick is such a sassy little thing that she handled it well and still had her cute little attitude the whole way through,” Tara told Love Meow.

Flick started feeling better thanks to all the love Tara gave her. She blossomed into an energetic and playful kitten. She’s even a little impish at times.

“She’s super independent and acts much older than she is. From the start, she’s taught herself everything she needed to, and has formed some great little friendships with the other fosters here,” Tara said.

Diva with a capital “D”

She loves when people sit on the couch. That’s showtime for her. She immediately runs over and charms them. She loves when all eyes are on her.

Flick also has the kitty statue stare down pat. You know, the one where a cat will stare at you until you submit to their will.

“She was a solo kitten and didn’t have littermates to teach her boundaries along the way. She has made friends with my dog and even though he is so much bigger, she’s not afraid to waltz up and get a bit cheeky,” Tara said.

Flick has grown into a cat with a personality all of her own and will soon find a new home that will treasure her forever.

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