Woman finds crying wet kitten and miraculously tracks down its mom

Katie Long was brought to tears when she spotted a crying kitty soaking wet and all alone in the middle of the road. But all that sadness melted away when she was able to reunite the kitten with its family through a strange turn of events.

Long came across the kitten during a weekend vacation in Mountain View, Arkansas. She was shocked so see the little baby terrified and shrieking in the rain.

Long wasn’t about to leave this poor sweet baby all alone. So, she picked it up and started to search for its mom.

Searching for family

But mom was nowhere in sight. So, Long decided to go to town to see if she could find any leads there.

People looked at her like she was “insane” when she walked into the general store and up to people eating lunch to see if they knew of any lost or stray cats.

Every time that Long would try to put the kitty down it would cry hysterically for her. Seeing this innocent baby so upset brought Long to tears.

Long came to the conclusion that she’d have to take it to a local animal shelter or adopt the cat herself.

The runaway kitten hanging out in Long’s car. Pic credit: @ktbird77/Instagram

“There was no way my bleeding heart was leaving her all alone in the cold and rain… so I accepted that I was going to take her home to a shelter or most likely my place,” Long wrote in an Instagram post.

That’s when she saw a man walking to his mailbox out of the corner of her eye. She somehow instinctually knew that this man would be able to help her new furry friend.

“We raced over and I ran out of the car with her in my arms,” Long told The Dodo. “I asked him if he had any idea where her family was. And he said, ‘oh yeah I think Bill’s cat just had kittens!’”

Reunited and it feels so good

The man directed her to a few houses down. Sure enough, that was where the kitten lived.

The kitten’s mother was overjoyed to have her baby back. She immediately started to dote over runaway.

“We drove over, and in the front yard I saw three cats, and one that looked just like her,” Long said. “I set her down and then mama started cleaning her and feeding her.”

Long was overjoyed that she was able to reunite the tiny baby with her momma.

“I can’t believe we found her family!” Long said. “It’s crazy how quick you can feel attached to a helpless little baby like that!”

Long posted a video of her rescuing the cat and its reunion with its family. It ended up going viral with more than 1.2 million views. You can watch it above.

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