Watch a baby goat have its first brush with a house cat

This week, an innocuous encounter between two adorable animals might be Internet’s best gift. The baby goat and the tabby cat in this video have won the affection of more than 5.5 million viewers on social media.

The pet owner recorded the funny interaction and posted it on the video-sharing platform Youtube, where the clip gained popularity.

It showcases a big tabby cat entering a kitchen, where he bumps into a baby goat. While the cat decides to continue his advance, the tiny goat has a different and surprising approach.

When the video was filmed, the goat was probably only a few days old at the time. Yet, he’s not frightened in the least by the cat’s gaze, although the cat is far larger than him.

The animal’s initial reaction to seeing a cat is getting into attack mode. This goat tries to assault the cat facing him by thrusting his little head forward with all his might.

Hilariously, the moggy is not interested in the least by this odd game. He takes a look at the small goat, makes a sidestep, and keeps walking with the legendary laid-back attitude known to felines.

Still, the goat is not done. On the contrary, he’s highly motivated to headbutt the cat.

However, the fearless tomcat couldn’t give a hoot about the goat’s antics, so the puss finds another way to avoid his relentless opponent.

The cat finally responds to the goat’s initiative

Their owner intervenes at some point, petting the goat to distract him from his fruitless pursuit. However, once the tabby cat comes into the frame, our goat returns for another headbutt attempt.

Exasperated, the cat finally chooses to fight back after being assaulted on several occasions by his younger companion. But, caught off guard by the moggy’s quick reaction, the goat has an innate flight response.

Simply put, the goat has just learned not to mess with a puss minding its own business.

After many unsuccessful efforts, the goat finally throws the towel and gets out of the cat’s way. Their owner is laughing in the back.

Overall, the video had netizens applauding the goat’s bravery and admiring the feline’s calmness.

YouTube user @LIVEFRMNYCThe wrote:

“The urge to headbutt everything has to be the most awesome natural instinct.”

Siding with the feline, @Noumenus commented:

“The domestic housecat has perfected the art of disdainful nonchalance.”

Sure, the baby goat had to wave the white flag this time, but everything might be much different in a few months. Then, he’ll have a sizeable advantage!

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