Celebrating the life of Speck, the special needs vampire kitty

Speck was a special needs cat who captured everyone’s hearts with his story. He passed away in 2020, but his memory still lives on.

Never give up

Speck was first found in a backyard as a kitten before his owners, Dina and Michael, adopted him. When he was young, he could walk around, but it was clear that something was wrong with his legs.

Weeks went by, and Speck’s ability to walk decreased. He also wasn’t growing very quickly, so it was clear that there was an issue.

His human parents took him to several vets and specialists, who weren’t sure what was wrong. One even suggested that they were wasting money on Speck, and it would be easier to just put him down.

But Dina and Michael wouldn’t give up on him that easily. They said:

“He had such a will to live. He was so happy and just like a normal cat. He just had some physical impediments that he needed help accommodating.”

The couple started to help Speck do physical therapy. He increased his strength by swimming in a pool and walking with assistance. They even made braces for his legs and later got wheels to support his hind legs so he could get around more easily.

Speck-tacular personality

Speck’s family and fans loved him for his determination and his great personality. He loved to play as much as any cat, and his owners could see it in his eyes. They said:

“His eyes were unusual because they were always dilated, but he was really, really expressive.”

Speck also had the cutest vampire fangs! He got cold more easily than other cats, so he wore sweaters, including ones with skulls that totally matched his vampire aesthetic. He could also rock a demon costume. Despite his spooky getup, his personality was still so sweet and positive.

Speck was also an amazing friend to Dina and Michael’s other cats. He liked to spend time with them, and they loved to take care of him, grooming him and cuddling to keep him warm when it got too cold.

The life he deserved

His family never gave up on him, and Speck was able to live the rest of his life as a happy cat. Then on Halloween in 2020, he passed away. His human and cat family were sad to see him go, since he had been such a big part of their lives. But they knew they had given him the live he deserved. They said:

“Special needs cats are really not much different than a healthy cat. There’s some adjustments that need to be made, but it is really rewarding because they are appreciative of it. And seeing their personalities shine is really rewarding.”

This past March would have been Speck’s fourth birthday, and his memory still lives on in the hearts of his family and fans. He may have left, but he truly lived his best and most speck-tacular life while he was here.

Cute gray special needs cat with fangs and deformed back legs
Speck lived his best life. Pic credit: @speck.tacular/Instagram
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