A stray kitten chooses a woman jogging in a park on an autumn day to be its mom

On an autumn day in November 2020, a woman named Kate went for a jog in a park in Pennsylvania and stumbled upon an adorable malnourished stray kitten among a pile of leaves. Despite being underweight, the tiny cat was friendly and loveable right from the start.

Love at first sight

This adorable feline instantly connected with its purring, face licks, and meowing for attention. This little cat claimed his spot in Kate’s life with extra leg rubs and finding its way to her shoulders.

After a trip to the vet and unsuccessful attempts to find an owner or anyone to claim the cat, later named Gritty, she decided to try to make him part of her family at home with her other pet dog Tyrion.

And one more makes three.

Being a dog owner and bringing home a new kitten, Kate already anticipated the greeting would be interesting, to say the least.

She made every effort to introduce her dog Tyrion to the cat in baby steps, slowly with a positive association. She also used a baby gate as a barrier to introducing the pair safely.

However, one random day, Gritty, the clever cat, found a way to escape under the baby gate and strolled into the living room, where Tyrion was, and the pair finally came face to face.

After several nerve-wracking moments, they finally let their guard down enough to sniff each other out. Not too long afterward, the two came nose to nose, and they bonded quickly.

We are family.

The two siblings grew to love each other a few months after that day.

Now they enjoy sparing with one another and cuddling together. The trio has formed a family bond and couldn’t be happier.

Kate describes this union as kismet. There is a saying among pet owners that “pets choose you,” and this story is no exception.

Wrap up

A random jog in a park on an autumn day became a quest to provide a forever home to a lovable stray kitten. Consequently, this same kitten who captured this woman’s heart not only found a safe haven but a place to call home with family.

You can follow Gritty the kitty and his brother Tyrion the corgi on Instagram.

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How did you find your beloved pet? What tricks did you use to introduce your new pet to another household member?

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