Woman saves mama cat and two tiny kittens on her evening walk

A woman became an ordinary, everyday hero when she found and saved a mama cat and her two young kittens from dying on the streets.

The woman, Debbie Hyden, is a cat lover and has been a member of The Meaw Facebook group since 2021. This group is a platform for fellow cat lovers to post pictures, stories, memes, videos, and other content to foster cat appreciation.

A timely rescue

Hyden posted her rescue story to the group on August 1st. She explained that she and her partner like to go on frequent walks, counting the cats that they see along the way.

This sounds like a fun way to pass the time, but in this case, it was more than just a game, it was life-saving.

On the evening of July 28th, they spotted a mama cat and her two very young babies. Hyden was concerned that such young kittens were out on the streets. Hyden said:

“So, me being me, I went to look, to my horror, they both had really bad eyes and were skin and bone.”

She immediately called a shelter but had to leave a message. When the shelter called back the following day, she and her partner returned to the place where they had found the cats.

She was shocked to find the cat family in even worse shape than before. One of the kittens was lying down and had started to get covered in fly eggs.

Hyden placed the kittens in a cat carrier and called the shelter again, and a woman from the shelter rushed over quickly to help.

The start of a new life

They took the kittens to a vet, who treated them with medicine and cleaned them, removing all the eggs and ticks covering the poor babies.

After their treatment, the kittens were given to a foster family, the mama cat was also caught and placed with her kittens.

The little cat family is doing much better now. Hyden included a video on her post, showing the one kitten that had been in very bad shape and how he was doing.

In the video, he jumps around playfully, as healthy and happy as a kitten could be. Hyden wrote that she couldn’t believe how well he is now.

Hyden’s story shows us that even an ordinary person can turn into a hero for cats that are in need. Because of her, these cats got another chance to live their best and happiest lives.

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