Orphaned kitten thinks she’s an intern and loves to help out around the office

Joey was just 4-weeks-old when she got her internship at Robin Easter Design, where her foster mom works.

If she was going to be at the office all day, Joey figured she might as well help out and fill the role of office intern.

When the orphaned calico kitten was brought into the care of Young Williams Animal Center in Tennesse, she was named “Joey” because she loved sleeping in blankets or pouches, just like a kangaroo.

Since Joey needed to be fed every few hours, her foster mom had to bring her to work. This was to the great delight of her foster mom’s co-workers.

Joy to the office

They all delighted in the tiny little squeaks Joey would let out whenever she was hungry and ready for her bottle. She slept a lot at first but became more playful as she grew.

They all would take turns babysitting Joey when her foster mom needed a rest. Joey served as a great distraction from the sometimes daunting deadlines her new “co-workers” faced.

One of those co-workers posted a photo of the pretty little calico, which went viral. The local news and national outlets like LoveMeow picked up the story about Joey the office cat.

Now Joey was getting attention from the entire Knoxville area in addition to her co-workers. Lots of people were looking to adopt this small little ball of fluff.

But Joey’s co-workers were really glad that she was still a bit too young to be sent off to a forever home, they were happy to have all the Joey-time they could get.

Taking care of business

One of Joey’s co-workers wrote on Reddit:

“She was the best stress-reliever. My co-worker was very stressed this week over a difficult deadline. She really appreciated this little bundle of furr,”

Joey serves as an office stress reliever. Pic credit: sa3belle/Reddit

Even though Joey found a forever home, she still got to keep her gig as an intern as it was her foster mom who adopted her!

Joey still goes to the office and spends her days walking on top of keyboards to ensure they work right, weaving in and out behind computers and sticking her face into cups of coffee.

While Joey might not be the most productive employee at Robin Easter Design, she’s undoubtedly the cutest.

She brightens up the whole office and gives her co-workers a reason to be excited to come to the office every day. It’s a job she does to perfection.

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