10-year-old bonded brothers still looking for a home after six months

The only thing that Milo and Angus love more than each other is their human. Unfortunately, the day came when their owner was no longer able to take care of them due to health reasons.

The 10-year-old brothers were surrendered to Nashville Cat Rescue and placed in a foster home.

These boys had never left their homes and were having a tough time during the car ride. Angus, an amber tabby, was very loud about his discomfort while Angus, a black cat, was visibly anxious.

Unfamiliar territory

Their new foster mom Sarah Sylvester set the boys up in their new room when they arrived. She gave them some food and water and let them alone so they could relax and get used to their new surroundings.

It took about two weeks for Milo and Angus to fully settle in.

During that time, Angus hid in the cubbyhole of a cat tree only coming out to eat and use the litter box before retreating back inside. Milo was a little bit braver.

“Milo began to slowly make his way to me for pets and scritches. He is more confident of the two, and led the way in forming a friendship with me,” Sylvester told Love Meow.

Seeing that his brother was safe while out and about, he decided to come out and explore. It wasn’t long before Angus fell in love with his foster mom.

“He loves to be in whatever room I am in and always be near me. If I am sitting, he is right next to me or nestled up touching my leg,” Sylvester said. “He is a bit skittish and is easily intimidated, but he is the biggest sweetheart.”

Bonded boyz

Sylvester said she didn’t realize how close Angus and Milo were until a storm came. She was very surprised by what she saw through her cat camera.

“They were huddled together in the corner waiting out the storm. I’ve since observed the way they comfort each other. (One night,) I gave Angus some probiotic paste to help avoid hairballs,” Sylvester said. “After the administering was complete, Milo got up from his comfy spot, moved closer to Angus and checked on him as Angus licked the remaining paste from his mouth.”

Though they have separate littler boxes, they prefer to share one. They even share snacks from each other’s bowl.

“Milo gives Angus strength and courage, and Angus is a comforting companion for Milo. They are two older cats who have weathered life together and draw a tremendous amount of comfort from each other,” Sylvester said.

So, separating these two wasn’t an option. Sylvester is looking for a forever home that will take them both in. She’s helping them by creating some hilarious adoption ads.

“It has been an honor to walk alongside them on their journey and I can’t wait to meet the person they pick as their forever human.”

So far, they’ve been waiting for a new home for six months. Get updates on Angus and Milo’s adoption status and Sylvester’s other fosters on Instagram @herekittykittyfoster and @nashvillecatrescue.

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