Cat meets his chonky twin and does not like what he sees

Loki has gotten along with all kinds of cats that his mom brings home to foster. But when he spotted a cat that looked exactly like him, he didn’t like what he saw.

Loki is a chonky grey boi with a frame as big as his personality. Loki is a social butterfly that is super friend and loves to meet new people.

Still, he has a mischievous side. He loves staring you right in the face as he knocks something off the counter.

The great outdoors

When Loki isn’t charming his mom’s human vistors, he likes to play outside. Loki stalks the door waiting for a chance to run out.

He’s been doing this since he was a kitten. Loki’s mom Devi Larsen told The Dodo that he is simply “fascinated” by the outdoors.

He zooms outside to roll around in the grass and snack on it. Devi doesn’t like Loki going too far.

So, Loki wears a leash that is tethered to the yard. Devi heard growling in the yard one day after letting Loki out.

She rushed to see what the growling was about and saw something that stopped her in her tracks.

Devi thought she was seeing double. But it just happened to be another chonky grey cat that looked just like Loki.

“I’ve never seen another cat like Loki around our area before so when I got out and saw the scene set before me I was extremely confused!” Larsen told The Dodo. “It took me a minute to process that one of these was not my guy!”

The evil twin

Both Loki and the other cat were completely furious with each other’s presence. Devi tried to separate the cats before things got out of hand. But then things got out of hand.

“I finally see the other cat has a black harness so I quickly grab that and go to hold my cat back,” Larsen wrote in a Reddit post. “Before I can, he launches himself quicker than this jiggly beast has ever moved in his life. He full-on tackles this other cat and they slap together like PB and jelly.”

The “twins” were separated without injuries, and Loki was brought inside. Devi couldn’t say the same for herself. She left was a few bloody scratches.

Now Loki isn’t allowed to go outside without mom anymore. Devi says she plans to build Loki a catio so he can be outside while still safe from his doppelganger.

“He’s usually pretty good with other animals as we have fostered quite a bit,” Larsen said. “Maybe he didn’t like what he saw in the mirror.”

You can get more updates on Loki on Instagram @loki_the_chonk.

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