3 newborn kittens run up to woman begging her for help

When three tiny newborn kittens ran straight up to Donna and started to meow, she knew they needed her help. Donna cares for more than 140 cats in colonies around Ohio.

She also helps to neuter and spay cats, as well as find cats forever homes. She was feeding one of her cat colonies when she saw three furry faces she never saw before.

Three teeny kitties seemed to come running out of nowhere when they heard her voice. The poor little kitties were all crying for her attention.

Picking your foster mom

There mom wasn’t around, and the siblings were underweight and had eye infections. Donna determined that the kittens had been abandoned and scooped them up to take them home.

The kittens immediately started purring up a storm and making biscuits once they realized they had a new mom.

Donna gave them all baths and fed them before they were tucked in for the night. They slept very soundly that night.

“They had a great night, using the litter box, eating and drinking like champs,” Donna told Love Meow.  “They need to fatten up and grow big and strong. And that’s what I plan to do.”

The grey kitten was named Woody, while the solid black cat was named Kenzie. The black tabby is Bryson.

“They were truly three of the smartest little 4-week-olds I’ve ever fostered. They taught themselves how to cat. I did very little to show them the ropes. They wrestled, played with toys, snuggled together and loved each other,” Donna said.

The siblings got treatments for their eyes, started eating solid foods, and were growing well. They all loved to play and were big fans of rough housing.

“They made for some fun and laughs here in our home. Kenzie is extremely loving and just melts in your arms. She holds her own when it comes to her brothers,” Donna added. “They are purr machines that enjoy using me as their cat tree.”

Once they were old enough, the kitties were neutered and spayed, and prepared for adoption. Bryson and Kenzie were adopted together, and Woody joined a family with another, cat, dog, and human siblings.

“We had a blast fostering these babies. They brought us nothing but fun, joy, happiness, and tons of laughs,” said Donna.

You can follow Donna’s other cat colony adventures on Instagram @feralcatcolony.

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