Hissing kitties finally warm up to rescuers once they get cozy in their foster home

A mother and her newborn kittens hiding under a shopping cart weren’t too keen on being rescued. The family finally warmed up to their foster family after 24 hours.

Mom was found nursing her kittens under a row of shopping carts at a Walmart in North Carolina. Sparkle Cat Rescue was called to the scene.

There were able to capture the mom and one of her kittens within 10 minutes. But the other little kitty wasn’t coming willingly.

Reluctant rescue

They had to use the mother to lure the kitty out. She was finally reunited with her family about two hours after rescuers arrived.

The kitten was still putting up a stink and hissing away. So much so that his sibling started to do the same.

They were named Raz and Taz. That night the sibling kitties were brought to a comfy safe place to sleep and given lots of food and water.

Things changed a lot within the next 24 hours. The mother cat, who was named Nora, was curious about the humans that took her in and not at all hostile.

Seeing mom be comfortable helped the kitties to ease up around their new hairless foster mom. They were also glad to be in a safe environment rather than the noisy parking lot.

“The Walmart employees said she had the kittens in the garden center. The babies might not have survived had they stayed at the parking lot where there is such high traffic. We are so thankful that they are healthy and safe.”

The kittens soon started to eat solid food and were growing strong. Raz is the bigger sibling but has a shorter tail. Taz is a cuddle bug that loves to jump up on you.

Taz and Raz grew to be inseparable and did everything in unison. They were definitely partners in mischief-making.

When they weren’t playing, they would be snuggled up with their arms around each other, purring away before taking a snooze.

Home is together

After being in foster care for two months, Raz and Taz were adopted into a forever home together.

“We can’t help thinking how lucky they are. We are so glad we could save them and make such a difference in their future,”

Raz and Taz are now happy at home with their new dad.

“We are thrilled for these boys! Their lives forever changed thanks to being rescued. Thank you to their dad for wanting a bonded pair!” Sparkle Cat Rescue wrote on their Facebook page.

Learn more about Sparkle Cat Rescue on Facebook and Instagram.

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