32 neglected cats rescued from abandoned apartment in Bangkok

32 cats were rescued from one apartment in Bangkok, Thailand. They were brought to the Cat Kingdom of Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand, where they recovered and learned how to live their best lives.

To the rescue

In a terrible situation of neglect, an apartment owner moved out and left behind 32 cats without enough food and water. Rescuers from the Elephant Nature Park were contacted, and they rushed to the cats’ aid.

The Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary for endangered and distressed elephants. Inside the park is the Cat Kingdom, a sanctuary for more than 2,000 cats that have also been rescued. Staff and volunteers give the cats daily food and water, medical care, and attention.

When Elephant Nature Park rescuers reached the cats in Bangkok, they were starving and sick, and the apartment was dirty and unlivable. According to an Instagram post by the Cat Kingdom, the cats were even “eating their own feces, desperate for nourishment.”

Once they determined that the cats were stable enough to travel, they transported them from Bangkok to the Elephant Nature Park, nearly a day’s drive away.

People stand around car loaded with cats in crates.
The rescue team gets ready to transport the cats to the sanctuary. Pic credit: @enpcatkingdom/Instagram

When the cats arrived, the rescue team set up two rooms, dividing the cats into males and females, since many of them hadn’t been spayed or neutered yet. The team filled the rooms with comfortable beds, heat lamps, food, and water.

Becoming healthy and happy

After being neglected for so long, the cats were very nervous at first. But many of them were also starved for love and affection, and they saw their rescuers as people who could provide that for them.

As the cats felt safer and more comfortable in their new environment, they opened up more and more. The Cat Kingdom said:

“It is incredible to see the transformation already from where they were just weeks ago!”

In another post, the Cat Kingdom showed pictures and videos of the cats. They had gained weight and were very healthy, running around, playing, sleeping, and cuddling. The Cat Kingdom said:

“We have been showering them with affection and their personalities are really starting to shine. It’s wonderful to see them coming out of their shells (and filling out those bellies)!”

Eight cats in a pile
Just look at these healthy, happy kitties! Pic credit: @enpcatkingdom/Instagram

Not too much later, the Bangkok cats were able to join the other cat residents of the Cat Kingdom, fully integrated as part of the many healthy, happy kitties that live there.

After being rescued from such terrible neglect, these cats are now part of a community where they won’t be neglected ever again. They are free to live their best cat lives and get as much love and attention as they want.

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