Cat on roof is rescued by fire department in Belagavi

A tomcat desperately clinging to the roof of a building is rescued

Cats excel in acrobatics. On the other hand, they also have a propensity to get themselves into dangerous situations, requiring their owners or onlookers to seek aid from a third party. On Saturday, July 23, 2022, a calico housecat caused a big commotion in an Indian residential area. The event occurred in the bustling district … Read more

Prince Albert municipal worker saves cat in storm drain.

A shelter and a city worker team up to save a kitten in a storm drain

In Prince Albert, Canada, a committed Public Works- Water and Sewer Officer made a valiant rescue on August 25. The man rescued an eight-week-old kitten caught in a drain using a safety belt before releasing her to shelter workers. An example of successful teamwork! According to Ashlee Bober, manager of the Prince Albert SPCA, the … Read more

Cat trapped in a car front grill in aberdeen

A cat in Aberdeen makes it through a car trip while stuck in the front grill

On Wednesday morning, when David Harding from Aberdeen, Scotland, drove to the car dealership where he works, he noticed that something was off. There was an unusual noise coming from the front of his vehicle. At his workplace, colleagues removed the car’s bumper to check the origin of the purr. A scared cat was entrapped … Read more

A cat is rescued from ice in Siberia

A couple in Siberia rescued a trapped cat with his paws frozen in the ice at subzero temperatures

Sergey Baranov and his wife Yelena saved a cat after discovering it buried beneath their vehicle in the snow. The stranded cat’s paws had frozen after being caught in a puddle on the street. This event occurred at Zlatoust, a Russian town on the Ay River. Zlatoust is located in western Siberia, a region famous … Read more

trapped black kitten in sewer drain

A trapped kitten gets rescued by a firefighter after good Samaritan posts its plight on Facebook.

In a Facebook post by Iowa STARs for Animals, the organization shared the story of how one good samaritan named Stephanie had sent a message and posted the plight of a trapped kitten in a storm drain in Ankeny, Iowa, online. A firefighter by the name of Tyson Hood saw her Facebook post and responded … Read more

trapped kitten prompts boy to climb tree

A boy trying to rescue a kitten in a tree gets stuck 30 feet above ground

 This helper needs help! A youngster’s good intentions got him into a pricky situation.   The teenager climbed a tree in an Indianapolis park to save a cat he saw high up in the branches. Once at the top, he couldn’t get down, eventually requiring assistance. Owen, a seventeen-year-old boy from Indianapolis, has a heart … Read more

A storm drain with a kitten pacing inside of it.

Tiny kitten rescued from a storm drain after five days by locals who refused to give up

In Sydney Australia, an eight-week-old kitten has been rescued from a storm drain where she was trapped for five days. The long rescue mission was undertaken by those living near Carlton Street, where the kitten had become trapped, despite heavy rain and slow progress they refused to give up on the little kitten. Trapped As … Read more