This comedian’s beloved cat got stuck up a tree and he risked life and limb to rescue her!

Brian Limond a.k.a ‘Limmy’ is a Scottish comedian and author who in the last few years has become a prolific Twitch streamer.

During these streams, viewers can often see his cat Bobbi hanging out with him, sometimes Limmy even pauses the game or movie he’s playing to give Bobbi a cuddle. The camera does love Bobbi!

Rescuing Bobbi

One day earlier this year Bobbi had been out longer than usual and hadn’t come back. Limmy went out around the front and back of his home to look for her but there was no sign of her.

His partner Lynn had been out looking for her too, and thankfully she had more luck. Lynn saw a white dog standing underneath a tree, and when she listened close she could hear the meows of poor Bobbi up that very same tree.

According to Limmy, a neighbor had already tried to rescue little Bobbi but she just climbed further up. So it was up to him to climb up and get her back down safe and sound.

The camera looks up at a tree with the small blue shape of a man's jeans at the top.
It was a very tall tree that Bobbi was stuck in. Pic credit: @DaftLimmy/Twitter.

As Limmy ventured higher, he saw that Bobbi had climbed to the literal top of the tree and was holding on for dear life.

It wasn’t easy, but Limmy managed to calm her down and remove her claws from the branch she was clinging to so that he could safely get her down.

Not having the branch to cling to, Bobbi then clung to Limmy’s jeans as he climbed down but he didn’t mind, as long as she was alright.

The star of the show

Once rescued, Bobbi went straight back to normal, Limmy shared:

“Then within about five minutes, she was just walking about the house like nothing happened”

Typical cat behavior.

Although fans of Limmy are tuning into his live streams for him, having Bobbi pop in and out definitely doesn’t hurt his views.

And it’s clear that Limmy loves Bobbi even more than his viewers do!

Who could blame him? Bobbi looks like she is the sweetest little love bug, we all just wish we could be cuddling up with beautiful Bobbi.

But instead, we’ll just have to keep watching Limmy’s streams and following his social media pages for more Bobbi updates and content!

Light grey long haired cat
Bobbi is a very sweet and fluffy cat. Pic credit: @DaftLimmy/Instagram.

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