A cat lost during a road trip in Ohio reappears after nearly three weeks

When a cat named Squishy disappeared during a road trip, his owner tried everything she could think to find the puss but to no avail. Finally, after three weeks of anguish, Chelsea Berkowitz received great news.

Her short hair cat was no longer missing; someone had found and cared for him during this time.

On Sunday, August 7, Chelsea Berkowitz, her brother, and their five-year-old cat Squishy embarked on a trip in an RV that would take them from San Antonio, Texas, to Boston, Massachusetts.

On their journey through northeast Ohio, the travelers took a break in the middle of Cuyahoga Valley National Park to get some much-needed rest. The young woman took advantage of the stop to let Squishy stretch his paws.

Chelsea was going to fit the kitty into his little harness when suddenly, the pet had a jerking reaction. Squishy bolted away.

In his active response, the kitten overlooked the canal nearby and fell. His owners searched for him for hours but eventually renounced.

The cat was nowhere to be found, so Chelsea and her brothers had to continue their trip without Squishy. They left with heavy hearts.

However, Chelsea didn’t give up on her pet. The woman then devoted the following few days to browsing through online lost and found groups for animals.

In addition, she published numerous ads depicting Squishy, spreading them among community members. She also glued and shared posters in neighborhoods hoping she would obtain a clue.

A news provider even published an article reporting the missing cat. Yet, days passed without anyone calling Chelsea.

Squishy is ultimately located

Finally, twenty days after the event, fortune smiled upon the distressed cat owner. On Saturday, August 27, Chelsea received the call she was waiting for.

According to Fox 8, a woman discovered Squishy not too far from the location where she had gone missing, and after finding her, the woman took Squishy home to care for her.

It was pretty evident that the exhausted cat required hydration, food, and sleep. His savior provided the puss with all necessities.

Once the good Samaritan contacted Chelsea, she showed her cat markings. Squishy had some distinctive marks on her little front leg.

The Texan was now sure of the rescue’s identity. It was, without any doubt, Squishy.

Chelsea traveled back to retrieve her cat. After an emotional reunion, the cat went to a veterinary clinic to treat a continuous high fever.

In a Facebook post, Chelsea gave updates on the kitty’s situation and thanked her supportive community for their help and her cat rescuer.

She revealed that the compassion she experienced restored her faith in humanity.

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