This adorable kitten nibbling a man’s ear is melting hearts and going viral

In a recent YouTube video, an adorable orange kitten named Pinky is seen nuzzled beside a man’s head in bed. The young feline is curious and playful as it sniffs around and investigates the man’s earlobe oh so carefully before taking a nibble.

Nibble nibble

This cute kitten can’t get enough, as one nibble just isn’t enough. Going in for a few more nibbles, the precious kitten bites at the man’s earlobe oh so gently with its baby teeth.

The blue-eyed fluffball pauses to take a break to lick its paws in between before starting again.

At the same time, the woman recording the video partakes in comforting the adorable kitten. She strokes Pinky’s tiny body.

As the clip ends, you can see the man reaching his hand to give the tiny tike a pat on the head.

This heartwarming video on YouTube resonated with millions of viewers as the post went viral. Reaching over 6 million views and counting, this adorable kitten’s antics have warmed the hearts of millions of people in the process.

Viewers react

Viewers of the touching video clip chimed in with their thoughts. Here are just a few comments shared.

“I just came home after having a soul crushing, brutal day at my clinic. I am exhausted and I felt literally beaten down. And I watched this and I feel better. So much sweetness and that baby has a home and is so loved and safe. Thank you for posting this. ” – Ripple Wine

“Adorable and cute . When the kitten puts her paws in her mouth, my heart ️ melted.” – Terry Gage

“This is the sweetest and purest thing I’ve seen in a long time! This kitten with such a round and plump head, blue eyes and feet with brown dots, is an irresistible fluff!” – Shari Green

“Such an adorable video. Nothing is cuter than this little kitten playing with her human’s ear. Nice way to wake up to.” – Sherri Chubbs

Wrap up

A young kitten nibbling a man’s ear recorded online helped to entertain and warm the hearts of millions online. Doing her part to help make the world a happier place, this adorable kitten Pinky brightened the day for millions of people by just being her lovable self.

Do you want to see more? You can follow Pinky and her family on Instagram.

Did this video clip make you smile today? Share your thoughts and leave a comment.

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