Squishy the missing cat is found in Ohio

A cat lost during a road trip in Ohio reappears after nearly three weeks

When a cat named Squishy disappeared during a road trip, his owner tried everything she could think to find the puss but to no avail. Finally, after three weeks of anguish, Chelsea Berkowitz received great news. Her short hair cat was no longer missing; someone had found and cared for him during this time. On … Read more

Missing cat from California found in Idaho

A cat lost a decade ago in California is found miles away in Idaho

Susan Moore’s cat went missing ten years ago in Sanger, California. After all this time, the woman certainly didn’t expect a call announcing the kitten’s reappearance. Even less in Idaho, more than thousand miles from home. The Californian brought kitten Harriet home from a shelter. Moore and her husband had recently moved to the countryside, … Read more

Missing cat rings doorbell in Long Island

Missing cat returns to ring the family doorbell to be let in

Lilly, Stefanie Whitley’s cat, went missing from their home in Mastic Beach, New York. Consequently, the pet owner and her family were heartbroken. Whitley was worried about the feline, who behaved more like a dog than a cat and regularly went out to roam the neighborhood. Still, it was really out of character for the … Read more

missing black cat with three children

After eight months apart, a routine call to the veterinarian sparks a family reunion with a missing cat

In a heartwarming story posted in January this year, a family living in Braintree, England, reunited with their missing cat after eight months apart. Finding the furry family member after such a length of time was remarkable. How the cat got discovered was even more extraordinary. Missing cat Eight months before being reunited, mother Rachel … Read more

A missing cat purr helps him return to owner find him

A British woman locates her long-missing cat after hearing his signature purr on the phone

By pure coincidence, a cat owner whose pet had been missing for eight months identified the cat’s voice during a conversation she was having with her veterinarian. This unbelievable circumstance led to the successful reunion of the puss and its owner in Braintree, Essex. Rachael Lawrence lost one of her house cats, Barnaby, some time … Read more

missing cat found in solidarity effort

A master recovers his missing cat after four months thanks to a collective mobilization

For four months, a cat dad feverishly sought his missing black cat, Nutty. She had escaped from her family and never came back. In the face of this vanishing, Philippe Piveron started a Facebook group to help him locate his pet. After the group attracted attention, this story got a positive outcome due to an … Read more

A lost cat found seven years later

A lost cat reappears seven years after fleeing and living twenty minutes away the whole time

Seven years after it went missing, a woman in Rheinfelden, Switzerland, finally located her 16-year-old cat. The cat was found in an animal sanctuary in Muttenz, Switzerland. The circumstances of the moggy’s disappearance were relatively simple. Winnetou just snuck out of his cat net. His owner told 20 minutes: “I had left him on my … Read more

A tortoiseshell cat looks up at the camera.

A veterinary clinic shockingly gave a woman’s cat to someone else- the cat is now missing

A woman in Syndey Australia was left devastated when she was informed via text that her vet had released her cat to the wrong owner and her beloved cat was now nowhere to be found. Australian website 7 News reported on the shocking story, sharing that the cat’s owner Katie Matthews has been left reeling … Read more